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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thought For The End Of the Year..... know I am not the nicest guy in the world. Hell, I am not even the 3 billionth nicest guy in the world but at this time of year, I do wish that everyone in this world had a warm, loving home and enough food to eat!

Happy New Year to all!

This Blog Sucks...... I resolve to kill it or fix it in 2010!

And I have almost reached my required number of annual posts which is 176. Did you notice how I filled in 12 posts pretty cheesily by using that old newspaper trick of re-running my best columns [posts]of the year. Yeah, I thought you would.

BTW, probation sucks too- it's the only reason I do this dumb blog. What a stupid f-ing judge I got!

Blogs & Tip Jars.... it usual and customary for a blogger to acknowledge their receipt of a gift made to them via their blog's tipjar or pay pal button?

It seems to me, a blogger should send a thank-you email but recently I made a couple nice tips to blogs I read daily and got nada in return. Maybe some bloggers get too big for their britches.

Best of December 2009

Liberal brains are really different. They can't do basic arithmetic nor logic and have trouble giving a simple yes or no answer to a question.

Best of November 2009

Best of October 2009

Alas, all that training gone to waste...

Best of September 2009

I think this is the post where I coined the term "wreckonomics" to describe the economic knowledge and polices of President Obama.

Best of August 2009

I think I am pretty good at slicing and dicing the numbers on financial statements and estimating the revs an expenses for many industries.

IMO, there is no reason a business that owns a premier domain name like can not be highy profitable in this day of the internet. The folks who have been runing these so-called businesses are just plain clueless!

Best of July 2009

College costs way too much!

Best of June 2009

Read the whole thing. Hoosier Daddy is a smart guy.

Best of May 2009

Best of April 2009

Best of March 2009

Best of February 2009

Best of January 2009


Friday, December 25, 2009

Did you have a nickname?

Let's see of the old crowd I saw last night here are some of the nicknames we had: Beast of the East,Beastly, Craz, Mad Russian, Sneaky Nazi, Saul St. Snap out, Pete from Alaska,Punchy, Yako, Captain Pineapple, Nitro [his partner in crime Glycerine did not show up], Lynchie, Schucky.

Merry Christmas!

I have more than I ever even dreamed of having. I was at a party last night and saw about ten of the guys from my grade school and high school days. We were borderline juvenile delinquents but most of us have had successful and happy lives. We all agreed that for a bunch of row-house denizens from Philadelphia, we have more than we ever dreamed of! For that I am thankful and somewhat in awe. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Wisdom.....

....from a wiseass.

Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.

Three Stages of Truth....

....I don't know where I read this but they ring true and are perhaps topical as to some of the controversial topics of the day and no, I am not referring to Christmas and the Baby Jesus and you are damn straight, there is a Santa Claus. So I give you the Three Stages of Truth to ponder with your Christmas hangover:
1- Ridicule, 2- Opposition and 3- Self Evident. [I bet these are what old whathsname experienced way back when he said the earth was round!]

Saturday, December 19, 2009

9PM in Philly - We are doomed .....

.....because it is so hot, it is white hot! Everything looks like winter snow.

530PM in Philly- Even Poor Old SantaClaus..... about to experience spontaneous combustion! Oh, President Obama won't you do something to save Christmas?!

5 PM in Philly - When It Is So Hot......

......that the human body actually melts, does it look like these pictures?

1 PM in Philly - Is The Earth .....

.....moving closer to the Sun? My God, I am walking around dressed only in my underwear and it is still so damn hot. Plus there is only 4-5 inches of snow on the ground.

Someone must do something and fast about this global warming problem! Pleasssssseeeee oh so wise President Obama - get together with our superior human beings at the U.N. and fix this asap! I can't take this heat and I don't want to die!

Friday, December 18, 2009

You Really Can't Make This Stuff Up........... a few minutes, President Obama will make some big announcement that they reached a global warming junk science agreement in Copenhagen.

Meanwhile, when he gets back to DC tomorrow, there may be 1-2 feet of snow on the ground. Do Dems and Liberals realize how dumb this looks to the average American? [I think they do but they are so arrogant, they don't care].

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Liberal Brains.....

.......must work very differently than my brain.

A liberal I know said "after they lower the cost of healthcare, I hope they get to work to lower the cost of college next"!

The speaker is a very nice person but is obviously clueless as to how the world and economics works. She might as well have asked that "they lower the cost of Springsteen concert tickets". As if they could.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Army Navy Game..... one of America's greatest traditions!

I went the 2001 game and it was a great event. George Bush attended and did the traditional thing where the Prez sits on Army's sideline for one half and Navy's sideline for the other half.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


.......should have been named Yaho! Everytime I mis-type my yahoo logon ID as, that idea comes to mind. Yaho would have been a much better domain name than Yahoo! Hell they could have said it was named after the women Tiger Woods was screwing. Heh.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

My College Picks.......

..........and no Doofus I am not referring to my choice for the best schools of higher education. I am referring to my college football picks that will win me some serious moolah this weekend. Don't blame me if you don't have the balls to make a bet and my picks win. Here are my picks:
  • Take West Virginia with the points vs. Rutgers.
  • Take Fresno State with the points vs. Illinois.
  • Take Florida and give points vs. Alabama. Tim Whathisname is a great QB and the Gators will win by 14 points.
  • Upset of the week: Take Pittsburgh with the ponts vs. Cincinnati.

And don't blame me if you make a bet and lose! That is why it is called gambling. Heh.

UPDATE 12/6/09: I would have won 3 out of 4 of these picks. If I was in Vegas, my bets would have been $500 each on WVU and Pittsburgh, $200 each on Fresno St and Florida. Florida was my only loser and they lost big so there was no unnecessary suspense. Bottom line is I would have won almost $1,000 smackers. Stick with me- I don't bet often but tend to do OK when I do.

I will give my college bowl picks in a week or so.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

How Long Before.......

......we see lawsuits against the Global Warming zealots who have, at a minimum, exagerrated the threat of global warming? Their dire forecasts led nations to enact stringent & costly energy rules and regulations. A skilled litigator can argue these onerous rules and regulations caused some businesses to decline as well as the states and towns where the impacted businesses were located.

It is not a stretch to imagine a bankrupt state like Michigan suing Al Gore and others for ruining that state's economy due to faulty [malicious psuedo-science?] theories.

Jeez, I have convinced myself this argument is a winning one! I wish I were a hungry lawyer. Heh.

Funniest Thing I Read....... quite a while. I LOL when I read the last line below [in red]. This is a quote from a Wall Street Journal article about how the Federal Communications Commission may intervene to prop up newspapers via taxpayer subsidies! WSJ story quote starts here:

"While cautioning that changes in the news business must be much better understood before any policy changes are made, Mr. Leibowitz [FCC Commissioner]said: "We should be able to take action if necessary to preserve the news that is vital to democracy." Mr. Leibowitz's wife, Ruth Marcus, is a columnist for the Washington Post, a fact he disclosed during the meeting."

Is that hilarious or what? The guy will be using my money [taxpayer] to help save his far-left liberal wife's job!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Global Warming ...... a scam just like I have always thought. I wonder how many other scams or frauds I can think of right now:
  1. Indian Casinos.
  2. Non-profit foundations and groups that are actually just special interest lobbies like Planned Parenthood or The Heritage Foundation.
  3. Minority set-asides for government contracts.
  4. People who claim they shoot under 80 in golf except pros of course.
  5. Fat people who say they are just big-boned.
  6. Those ads you see where a charity asks you to donate your old car to them [fyi - the salvage company pockets about 80-90% of the car's fair market value].
  7. Any of those miracle "AB machines".
  8. Green jobs or green energy.....sure they work if Uncle Sam subsidizes them with big bucks and forever.
  9. Colleges that let your kid take a major in something that is absolutely 100% worthless as to paying job & career [ Colleges should be required to provide parents with a written estimate of the future earnings for every major].
  10. The NFL. On any given Sunday, you could not pay me enough to watch 75% of its teams play. Why? Because 75% of the NFL teams suck!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Not What You Know......'s really who you know. Below is a disgraceful example.

Somewhere I read or heard from the MSM that some Wall Street firms had gotten allotments of the swine flu vaccine. Since there is a shortage of the vaccine, that "prioritization" did not sound fair or appropriate to me. Then I am talking to a friend who is a member of a construction workers union in the Philly area and he tells me he and his family got their flu shots at his union hall along with many other members [his local has at least 800-1,000 members or maybe even more than 1,000]. Again this "prioritization" does not sound right to me.

Especially after I heard my niece took her baby [13 months old] for her shots and the pediatrician did not have any swine flu vaccine! Can anyone tell me WTF is going on in this country?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

33 ....

.... more posts to go this year. My probation officer requires me to post 176 blog posts here every year and this is post #143 so I have to do 33 more! Piece of cake! My probation is over in 2019 I think.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Crazytown..... how a niece of mine thought she looked in this website photo from her NYC charter school. She is a great kid and the school has to be thrilled to have teachers like her.

Way to go Chrissy [she is the teacher on the right]!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Am I Nuts......

....or what? Should I get bothered when so many people use email to communicate instead of just picking up the phone? Their emails, to me, seem to be an attempt to hide or they are scared to actually speak person to person. And yes, I know, I may be fast approaching fossildumb [sic] but wtf !

Monday, November 09, 2009

The FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted List........... revised yesterday by President Obama. WARNING - if you see any of these hardened criminals, be very careful, they may give you a piece of their mind!
  1. Tea Party protesters
  2. CIA agents
  3. Surgeons - especially the greedy ones who remove tonsils or saw off legs
  4. Insurance companies - are there any out there who don't need Nancy Pelosi to keep them honest?
  5. Policemen - especially the ones in college towns where there is very little crime
  6. Seniors who express concern about Medicare cuts.
  8. Banks
  9. Wall Street
  10. People who believe Obama was awake during Rev. Wright's sermons.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hurricane Katrina......

...........wreaked havoc, death and devastation on Mississippi and Lousiiana about 4 years and 3 months ago. So with billions and billions of dollars, the govt began re-building New Orleans and the surrounding area. Since it's been amost 1,600 days since Hurricane Katrina, I assume the rebuilding by the state and fed and local govts is 99% or 100% done. Am I right?

I recommend the govt should now take its energy, tools, big ideas, grand plans and hard mofo govt employees and go to work to reform our health care system. Where could they go wrong?

[Note to self : I must go and visit the "New" New Orleans and see how all that hard work and taxpayer money has made it the gem of the South!] It has, hasn't it??


The DC Beltway must make you so frigging dumb. Here is what I just read. It was written by one of the longtime, far left Beltway pundits:

"There's a good case that health-care reform will relieve corporate America of burdensome costs and boost job mobility, and that a new green economy is the wave of the future, but convincing people that these complex pieces of legislation are the most relevant way to address their problems is a tough sell, and Obama hasn't really tried, or at least it seems that way. What Democrats miss most is Obama's clarion call, the visionary rhetoric that cut through all the noise of the campaign and signaled a new day in American politics."

Idiotor's comment: As if the cost of health care will just disappear and it won't be passed back to employers as a new, ginormous tax!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Stephanie Does Halloween..... The Jolly Green Giant...heh heh....I guess, Stephanie, it's fairly common to be confused and uninformed when you spent four years in the Bronx and now you live in Queens and work in Brooklyn. It's like a triple NYC whammy.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

In Game Six.......

...the Phils will win 12-5. I see Game Seven as Phils victory of 10-3. That will total 30 runs for the Fightin Phils in the last three games of the Series! [I do not make this stuff up- it will happen].

Furthermore, it may be decades before the Yankers win a World Series title in their new stadium. No one, not even Trooper York, will have a large enough reservoir of tears to shed during these long, dry years of Yanker failure. As a result, the Yanker fans will give up baseball and become Arena Football and Soccer fans. Heh.

Go Phils!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Party Invitation... my house on Thursday to watch the Phils win World Series Game 7! All are welcome. And here is a bonus link to a Philly Inquirer story about a fight between a Phils and Yankees fan. In typical Philadelphia fashion, both guys got arrested for drunk driving, unpaid traffic tickets and some drugs and paraphenalia. Haha! What a great city we have! Here is the link to the story:

I Predict A......

....sweep for the non-Democrats in today's elections [but it is possible, the Dems will commit enough voter fraud to win the New Jersey election].

My prediction is based on one thing- people everywhere are pissed and anxious due to incompetent elected officials and growing govt control into our everyday's lives. Let's see how the elections turn out.

I wish I were in Vegas so.....

...I could place a bet on the Phils to win the World Series. Since they trail 3-2 and the last two games are at Yankee Stadium, I bet the odds for the Phils to win it all again are pretty long so I would make some money when they do win! And, as you can tell, I feel confident they will win - they just need to bring their hitting shoes! Go Phils!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Chase Utley....

....will break Reggie Jackson's record of five home runs in one World Series. As I type this, Utley has four dingers already. He will tie Jackson's record tonight before Game Five is over and Utley will break the record in Game Six or Seven.

Here is a pic from last night's Game Four which I saw in person! Go Phils. [FYI Derek Jeter must be dumb cause this pic has No.2 ? I thought the goal in sports was to be No. 1! Heh].

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Swisher Gets Benched........

.........with that name and the way he is playing, I think he will be trolling the streets around 42nd Street. Plus the ancient washed-up Jorge Posada is riding the pine tonight!

I will again predict a big Phils victory and use the same score I predicted last night. The Fighting Phils will win 10-3! Go Phils

Congressman Shows Common Sense.....

.......and a good sense of humor when this happened: Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, who represents Arizona’s Sixth District, today released the following statement regarding his vote against H.Res.784, a bill “honoring the 2560th anniversary of the birth of Confucius and recognizing his invaluable contributions to philosophy and social and political thought.” "He who spends time passing trivial legislation may find himself out of time to read healthcare bill," said Flake.

Hattip to Instapundit!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Game One......

......prediction is 10-3 Phils. I am psyched, psycho and pumped up so my prediction is agressive tonight! Go Phils!

[Idiotor's note : There is no idiotor but I noticed Jill Biden, an alleged Phillies fan did not wear any Phillies gear. Oh well, she is probably just another liberal phony like her dumb husband who I refer to as 'IBM' aka Irish Big Mouth Joe Biden.]

How Screwed Up .... Jon Corzine when he has spent $120 Million of his own money on his own politcial campaigns. Corzine is a bigtime far left liberal so he wants more and more taxpayer money to be spent on social programs!

I wonder how many poor kids Corzine could have saved with that $120 Million? Most rich liberals are phony, two-faced fucks IMHO. Here is the detail from the MSM:

The Star-Ledger's Josh Margolin, Claire Heinin, and Claire Heininger report:
Corzine donated or loaned his general election campaign $22.6 million of its $24.1 million... The Democrat has now dedicated more than $120 million of his own money in his campaigns. He spent a combined $100 million on successful bids for U.S. Senate in 2000 and governor in 2005.Corzine's old firm isn't called 'Government Sachs' for nothing, apparently.

Granny Smith Was.... answer in today's crossword. I felt my head was getting a bit mushy so I decided to start doing a crossword everyday to exercise my brain. I began in January and it has definitely helped my memory and retention. I am getting good at completing the Philly Inquirer's daily crossword puzzle.....but not so good yet at the Sunday crossword.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I do not make this stuff up...

Go Phils!

Ivy League Grads.....

........have caused most of the country's problems. I think it is fair to say that. Let's start a backlash against Ivy League grads so they can't get hired or buy a house or rent an apartment or get a loan. Kick every one of them out of Congress and the White House. Like the old joke about lawyers, what do you call 1,000 Ivy Leaguers at the bottom of the ocean? A start!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Competitive Option.... the new term for the public option the Dems want to foist upon the Americans who pay the bills by pulling the oars day in and day out.

I say give us a competitive option and get rid of the current Congress- every stinking one of them. Then conduct a lottery and pick their replacements by randomly using the phone book if one still exists [shades of William Buckley I know but I borrow all of my good ideas from someone else].

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Two American League Teams....

.....look old to me compared to the Phils. Jeez, I look at Abreu, Jeter, Posada, Vladimir Guerrero, Johnny Damon, Matsui and they appear old and tired for baseball players. Even Mariano Rivera, who stills plays at the pentultimate level looks about 50 years old.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Peewee Herman.....

......was one of the all time great Yanks. Am I right?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Brilliant Comment by......

....RRhardin in the Althouse blog. He said: "No system works that opposes the rules [or laws] of human motivation".

Think about that. The average human reacts to incentives and the desire to fulfill basic needs followed by advanced needs. When a system or govt installs processes or rules that contradict these innate instincts, the system or govt is destined to fail. The Obama admin does not understand this concept or it disagrees with it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football....

.......and some baseball and some brawls and lotsa of police overtime? Haha- the city is crying poor mouth as usual about the cost of a potential Phillies parade [last year I think the Phillies paid $1 Million to the city to stop them from whining like little liberal Democrats].

Well anyhow to get back to the point of this post...... On Sunday night Nov. 1st, the Phils are scheduled to play Game Four at home of the World Series and it could be against the Yankees. On the same day, the Eagles will play at home vs. The New York Petunias aka Giants. What does that mean you ask? .......It guarantees there will be an abundance of drunken Eagles fans boozing it up in the area right across the street from the Phillies ball park! And the city will go even more broke trying to pay all the overtime to its police dept to keep the riots and fights to only a few dead and dismembered. God, I love karma! And this will get ugly!

I am.......

.....Asante Samuel. No I am Asante Samuel. No I am Asante Samuel. No I am Asante Samuel. No I am Asante Samuel. No I am Asante Samuel. No I am Asante Samuel. No I am Asante Samuel.

Be Afraid ......

......Yankees be very afraid. This man er thing is coming to get you!..... and he will be riding a dune buggy! hahahahaha.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Best Scouts in Baseball.....

.......are the ones for the Phillies organization. Charlie Manuel pushed so many of the right buttons, it seemed like he was possessed or maybe sold his soul. Don't get me wrong, the Phils have many many great players but my hat is off too to the many Phillie's scouts who provided fantastic scouting reports on the Rockies and the Dodgers. Now, bring on the American League!

Constitution Center....

......only in Philadelphia can a white candidate get accused of racial insensivity by three black pols at a public museun called The Constitution Center. Makes me so proud to be from here! Here is part of the story from the Philly Inquirer:

"Three prominent African American supporters of Seth Williams, the Democratic candidate for Philadelphia District Attorney, today accused his Republican opponent, Michael Untermeyer, of "lacking the racial sensitivity" required of a top prosecutor "in an ethnically diverse city."

Untermeyer, who is white, immediately branded the charge "ludicrous" and "a smokescreen" meant to obscure examination of the campaign's substantive issues. "This election isn't about race ... What's important is that we have the third highest homicide rate of any big city" in the nation, and a bail system that is broken, he said."

Kathleen Sebelius is a Cougar .......

......or just a plain old barfly? Or Obama's Cabinet Secretary of Health & Human Services? Heh.
Hat tip to the DRUDGE REPORT!

Phils Won The World Series.....

....29 years ago today. October 21, 1980 was the date the Phillies last won the World Series not counting last year!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Phils vs. Yanks

Here is how they match up:

Phils have the edge:
  • 1B Howard over Txeriera
  • 2b Utley over whoever plays 2nd for the Yanks
  • LF Ibanez over Damon
  • CF Victorino over Swisher
  • RF Werth over Matsui (is he in his fifties?)
Yanks have the edge:
  • 3B Arod over Feliz
  • SS Rollins vs. Jeter
  • CA Ruiz vs. Posada
  • The Yankees have the edge in pitching but not enough to be significant so the Phils repeat as World Series Champions!

High Hopes....

....we have high apple pie in the sky hopes! This song was a trademark of Harry Kalas and I remember my Dad singing it too along with other tunes when the mood and the whiskey struck him just right. The Phils and their fans have high hopes after tonight's 9th inning come-from-behind victory!

Monday, October 19, 2009

NY Times ...... laying off more people. Jeez what must it be like to work there? They all gotta be looking for a new job at a think tank or at a far left liberal non-profit [like the PEW Foundation which has hired several former Philadelphia Inquirer socialists] where they can continue to churn out leftist propaganda.

A Rioting Refresher Course....

......reminder was in my mailbox today. It seems the odds for the Phillies to repeat as World Champs has been raised. So, I have been notified that my certification as a "Top Notch Drunken Rioter" has expired and I must report to Sam's Bar & Grille to update my credentials [which I will do gladly]. Heh.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween's Coming and.....

,.....ex-Phillie Randy Wolf is in town. I will load the pictures when the internets stop acting up!

Rahm Emanuel......... such a phony and the MSM is complicit in deceiving its viewers. This morning, CNN had a sound bite where Emanuel criticized Wall Street for the bonuses it is paying to its employees.

Of course, Emanuel and CNN, failed to disclose Emanuel was paid more than $15 Million by an investment bank in less than three years after he left the Clinton White House!

Shame on you John King of CNN. You surely knew this and if you did not, you should have known it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Oh Yeah ....

.....sports is kinda funny. You root for your team of course. But who do you root hard against the most? In Philly, that is a major dilemma. Cause there are so many teams and players and managers we could hate equally.

But really, who should we hate the most? The obvious choices are any New York team or any Los Angeles team which has an overrated manager like Joe Torre or the Yankees with conceited players like A-Rod or the mostly overrated Jorge Posada? So, this is a real connundrum we have in Philly. In fact, most of us can't even pronounce connundrum. But I and most of the fans in Philly truly enjoy dishing out our disgust, hate, vituperation and disdain to the teams and players we judge are most deserving of our attention. Heh.

Go Phils!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Go Phils!

Top of the fifth, the Fighting Phils lead 5-1 in the opener vs. the LA Dodgers! Looking good!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wall Street Journal... just about the only newspaper that is increasing its circulation. [Click on my post title above to see the story from one of my favorite blogs, Gateway Pundit]. Or click below:

I view the Journal as an excellent product and fantastic news & opinion resource. But I wish it had a local news section and local sports section, then I would cancel my subscription to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Actually, I predict News Corp will one day roll out a customized edition of the Journal which will also offer sections with the local market's sport news and local news. In fact, I'd be surprised if Rupert Murdock was not already evaluating that as a viable business model to grow the Journal's revenue!

Liberals Are Such Prevaricators.......

...........I saw Ned Lamont last night on Hannity. Lamont had the nerve to describe himself as a "small businessman"!! Ok perhaps Lamont has started a new business and it could still be small. .........But But But.....Lamont is a fat cat and probably worth about $50 or $100 Million!!! He made his fortune providing cable TV to college students and sold that cable company for mucho dinero!! I think his wife is one of those private equity folks who the Democrats love to demonize but look the other way when the same "demons" send them a nice, generous campaign contribution.

Why do liberals like Lamont feel the need to hem and haw and be so careless with the truth?

Health Care Reform...........

........made simple perhaps.

I was thinking [yes it is painful for someone as dumb as I am] and remembered the Fed govt approved a bill earlier this year that expanded S-chip health insurance coverage for like 6 million more kids. The cost was about $1,700 per person. So I thought what if we did the same thing for the 30 million or so uninsured [of the legal variety]. At that rate, it would cost $51 Billion a year. We could pay for it by increasing the Federal income tax of every worker. It would be an increase of about $300 per year per worker!

If we have to do something, this idea of mine sounds about simple as it could be. My numbers may need to be tweaked but they probably work and the bill could be written on maybe two sheets of paper!

Mr. President and all you Congress critters, you are very welcome to use this idea of mine. Just be warned, I have a million more for you to consider!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Baggataway Tavern..... about 3 miles from my house. I have been there many times and here is a picture [from the Phila Inquirer] of some of the customers celebrating the Phillie come-from-behind win tonight.

For extra credit: What onetime NBA star and former head coach once owned this bar? His nickname was The Kangaroo Kid and he was from New Yawk!

Huge Win...

......for the Phils. Their offense left way too many ducks on the pond but Brad Lidge got the save and that is HUGE for his confidence and the team's prospects. The Phils need Lidge to repeat as World Series champs!

Go Phils! [Yikes the game ended at 2:15AM] I may go right into the office and get caught up on stuff. Nah, screw that, I am hitting the sack for a couple hours.

Go Phils.....

.....damn the Phils need a hit. It's a tie game 5-5, 1:33AM here in Philly and Matt Stairs is up with 2 outs in the top ofthe 8th. Come on Stairs! Get a g-damn hit or a passed ball so Ibanez can score from 3rd base. Count is now 3-2, I don't think they really want to give him anything to swing at. He swings and misses! Damn.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Christie's Weight..

....I googled that phrase and got 508 hits for news stories about that fact that the Republican candidate for governor of New Jersey is a bit beefy.

I'd say this indicates his opponent, the incompetent, incumbent, Wall Street wizard, Jon Corzine , is getting desperate. If New Jersey voters return Corzine to office, the state deserves to continue to wither and die economically. It is fair to say the Dems and the corruption in New Jersey have bankrupted the state, increased govt spending to among the highest in the nation and caused productive taxpayers to leave the state.

So I guess we will see on election day if the voters prefer a fat, possibly competent governor to the current, bald, far left liberal tax and spend incumbent.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize......

.....I guess up is down, down is up and wishes are facts. So we join Alice In Wonderland.
[this image was borrowed from somewhere on the world wide webs].

Monday, October 05, 2009

Congratulations to .... ..... nephew, David Gullotti, a senior at Loyola University Maryland. The school gave him and a classmate the "Diane Geppi-Aikens Service to Loyola Award" which is the highest honor bestowed upon student leaders. See below quote from the school website [I do not make this stuff up you know]. He is a great kid [so far of course], majoring in bio-physics and hopes to be a doctor. Way to go Dave!

Quote from Loyola Website:

Diane Geppi-Aikens Service to Loyola Award recognizes and honors distinguished members of the senior class whose enthusiastic spirit and unwavering commitment have enhanced the quality of life for students, faculty and/or staff at Loyola University. Named for a woman whose indomitable and generous spirit represented the best of Loyola University, this award is the University's highest honor bestowed upon student leaders.This year's recipients are Dave Gullotti and Ashley Vaughan.

Republicans need to.........

....put together two plans.

One will lay out a ten year budget for the nation. It will make recommendations on how to fix the soc sec, medicare deficits. For example, it should let younger people keep more of their money in private buckets aka lockboxes where no Congress critter can get his hands on it. It will eliminate [for the most part] big redundant wasteful departments like Education, Energy, HUD, etc. It will include a dedicated fed tax of $0.25 or so per gallon to fund infrastucture repairs and updating. It will itemize the areas of govt involvement it sees as appropriate and the areas where govt should butt out!

The other plan will address a real Stimulus Plan that restores the confidence of Americans. It would include a suspension of the employee's portion of the FICA tax for two years until the whole Soc Sec plan is revised and made solvent. It would be designed to encourage people to invest and save money, fix up their homes, start and expand businesses, return to school to update theire skillsets, etc.

Since Obama and his pals are clueless, the country needs Republicans to do this in writing asap!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Catwoman .....

.....Carrie Prejean shows she would be a good Cat Woman. I "Borrowed" this pic so I give a big shout out and tip of the hat to the blog

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Support Your Local Gunfighter

One of my favorite blogs is Support Your Local Gunfighter. It is written by a Philly police officer. Check it out:

This pic is from that blog.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ron Kuby.... an attorney and is representing the recently arrested Colorado terrorists? I am watching CNN and Kuby, a pony-tailed far left liberal douchebag attorney, is expaining what has transpired so far on this case. I have one question: I am sure Kuby charges his clients an arm and a leg so who the heck is paying Kuby to defend this alleged cabdriver terrorist??

Brain Cells & Beer .....

........this sounds right to me. Heh.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Philadelphia Eagles .......

.....screw up again. Contrary to the Vegas oddsmakers, most Philly fans were predicting a bad season for the Eagles. Now, after a surprisingly easy win over the Panthers, most fans have probably jumped back onto the bandwagon.

This is no shock but it looks like the coach, Andy Reid, has deluded himself too. Yesterday, Reid cut his Pro Bowl guard, Shawn Andrews. To be fair to Reid, Andrews may or may not have a back injury and Andrews definitely dances to a tune only he can hear.

I will stick to my instincts and predict the Eagles will not make the playoffs! I look forward to the day Andy Reid gets his arrogant self out of town and takes McNabb with him.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

That ACORN thing truly works....

.......they say you plant a few acorns and almost before you know it, they are sprouting all over. Based on the news over the last few days, I'd say that is 100% true!

Let me be serious for a moment. Why are govt agencies funding, in any way, alleged non-profit groups which have political motives? IMO, the govt should not fund any non-profit groups. Instead, we should cut out this type of govt spending.That would enable govt to actually reduce tax rates.

If a non-profit group provides a useful community service, it should have to solicit donations to fund its operations. And individuals would nowhave more money in their pockets due to the reduced tax rates! Theoretically at least, individuals would then be more willing and able to make charitable donations to worthy non-profits. Make sense to you? I thought so.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Internet Now Runs The Country...

......I heard the Senate voted near unanimously to bar ACORN from getting fed funds from HUD, etc. That is great news. This means neither the President nor Congress run the country anymore. The country is now run by the internet so crooks can't run or hide. This is a very good thing. It also means even the Democrat Senators are running scared!!

On CNN just now, the head ACORN scumbag, Scott Levenson, said ACORN was done in by "journalism by Borat". That is a pretty good line but tough shit shitbag! If I ever see this guy on the street, I may give him a knuckle sandwich just because.

BTW, there are plenty of shitbag Republicans in Congress and they had better not get too comfortable.

Proud To Be American Today.....

 guess which of these pics makes me more proud?

The answer is both make me proud. The top picture because it shows Americans are waking up and angry.

And the bottom picture too because I love to laugh and I love to laugh at pompous big shots like Robert Gibbs.

[fyi - I "borrowed" these pics from the blog, Gateway Pundit]

The New York Football Petunias....

...barely beat the Washington Redskins yesterday. The Petunias were at home and did not look so good regardless of what their devoted fan, Trooper York, tries to tell you.

Good Question......

Friday, September 11, 2009

You Know The Economy Sucks..........

....When even gamblers are broke! The Atlantic City casinos reported their revenue in August was down 16.3% compared to last August. That follows a 14% drop in June and 13% in July.

That Spendulus kickstart must be just around the corner! [Not]. So I am creating a new label called "wreckonomics" in honor of how President Obama and the Dems have destroyed what little was left of the American people's confidence!

Dear Senator McCain....Wake The Fuck Up!....

Dear Senator:

Until last year, I had never ever donated more than $100. Yet I reached deep and sent you more than $1,200 in your bid to be president.

In case you have not noticed, President Obama is intent on destroying the American economy which was already on shaky ground when he took office. His motives are unclear but his lack of knowledge in rudimentary economic principles is glaring and alarming. In college, I took more than 30 credit hours in economics. Twenty years ago, I worked my butt off to prepare for the CPA exam which I passed. So, I am capable of spotting a poseur who knows very little and has no interest in mastering the basics of economics.

The president seems to harbor a resentment towards capitalism and I find it hard to believe Obama is listening to advice from his econ team. At this critical juncture, why would he desire to disrupt such a large part of our economy? He promises to find cost savings but he has never been the type of politician who reduces govt spending.

To date, his actions and attitudes have severely damaged the confidence of most thinking Americans.

The bottom line is I am disappointed in you. You heard President Obama lie about illegal immigrants [there is no eligibility enforcement tool in the Dem bills] yet you are so quick to jump on the wagon to bash Joe Wilson.

You know the country's finances have been damaged by deficit spending in the last 30 years. It is fair to say long-serving reps like you and Joe Biden and many others stood by and allowed this to happen. You must wake up and speak up before it is too late. We need representatives who will fight for limited govt and right the financial ship.This is not about you or me. It's about saving the American dream and its unique plethora of opportunities for future generations.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama's Lie and the ILGWU

One of my first jobs out of college was helping to manage a H&W Fund for a labor union. The Fund provided self-insured BC hospitalization and a major medical benefit as well.

We were responsible for verifying the member or claimants eligibilty and we also processed and paid the major medical claims. I learned a lot in that job. It was after ERISA had been enacted and we had to prepare and publish and distribute a benefits booklet for every union member. I remember I had to give a talk explaining the benefits to about a billion members at a dinner one evening [OK maybe there were 500 people there].

Anyhow, we created a flowchart or decision tree to use to evaluate each claimant's eligibility [you had to work like nine months in the last 18 months for a union shop to be eligible]. We validated the employment history and eligibility for every claim we got no matter how small the medical bill! [and this pre-dated computerized records!]

That is why I am stunned but not surprised when Obama says "illegal immigrants are not covered" because health care providers will not be allowed to check or verify the citizenry status of patients!! That means, of course, illegal immigrants will be covered and that means Obama did lie last night.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I work on projects that last for short to intermediate periods (6 to 18 months on average) and I learned that the standard-style shelves and cabinets are not as useful to me as this Ikea shelving unit. I now reserve a slot for each project and a couple slots for "to do lists" etc.

It works great. I have fewer long term files be ause I don't do much long-term work. In fact, I specialize in short-term relationships [wish I would have understood that a long time ago].

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Trooper York's Ex Wives .....

.....this picture was taken soon after the heartless guy kicked them to the curb.

Obama Will Have A Good & Original Idea.........

......someday and it will be for the first time in his entire life. Furthermore, I promise to admit when Obama finally has a good, original idea plus I promise to write a new post on my blog about it.

Of course, I also predict Obama will not have his good, original idea until after he has left office! [ afterall Obama is following in the footsteps of one of the most ineffective presidents of all time- Jimmy Carter- who I voted for twice I swear that is how dumb I once was].

Be afraid be very afraid......

......because after President Obama ruins the country, the Hildebeast could get elected.

It would be interesting to see how the Clintons will explain their backstabbing of a fellow Democrat, especially Obama who is one of the beleagured groups the Dems love to milk for votes. My Hildebeast scenario predicts a fracturing of both major parties so they each run splinter candidates. Hildebeast would get most of the Dem votes and Obama would get the rest. As to Republicans, the Clintons would somehow get a deutchbag like Huckabee to run as an independent which would split the conservative vote so the Hildebeast would win.

I do not make this stuff up! Heh.

99 bottles of beer on the wall....

...99 posts on my blog to the internets.....99 bottles of beer on the wall...99 posts on my blog to the internets.

That is how many more blog posts I have to do this year to meet my parole requirements. I must do exactly 176 per year while the internets is still the thing. And this is No. 77! I can't wait til the internet is replaced by some other "it" and the internet is no longer the thing- will they make an announcement or some such so I know?

Are You Ready For Some NFL Football....


Anna Benson

This is a rerun from 2/14/08 but I don't expect to get any complaints.

Friday, September 04, 2009

What is this picture...... is a hint. It is in Wissahickon Park in Philly.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

561 Miles on a Recumbent Bike.......

...... is how many calories and how many pounds? Approximately. That is how many miles I did on my recumbent in the two full months since I bought it! That is pretty good; it is about an average of nine miles per day. I went to one website and it said I used up about 700 calories an hour but my bike's screen indicates I only burn about 225 calories an hour.

The truly bad news is 3,500 calories = one pound. I'll let you do the depressing math.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Kirsty Lee Akers..... on the post title to see one of the hotties singing at the CMA Festival. I am more of a rock an roll fan but country music has the best looking women singers IMHO.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beasley Reece....

......that reminds me. How the heck did Philly get stuck with a former New York Football Petunia aka Giant as one of our local TV sportscasters?? Plus the guy is pretty horrible- he is the new mold of sportscaster. That means he talks loud , waves his hands and arms theatrically and gives you the local scores only.

I remember when the sports guy actually had some broadcasting skills so they gave him sufficient time to provide a quick rundown on all the pro scores (in season natch). To be fair to this ex-Petunia, the local sports time slot has been reduced in favor of 2 or 3 weather spots. They seem to think Americans are big pussies because they try to scare the crap out of you every time there is a thunderstorm or snow flurry in the forecast.

Great Baseball Game

Little League World Series Final is on ABC right now. Great game, it's now 3-3 in the bottom of the 4th inning. Teams are China/ Taepei (is that Red China) vs. Chula Vista, California [near San Diego].
[FYI - this picture was from the International Final played yesterday between China and Mexico.] Gotta get up there to see a game one of these years.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Philly Newspapers's Domain Name.... much is that domain name worth alone? The Phila Inquirer and Daily News are on the auction block. The Inquirer sells about 300,000-350,000 copies a day while the Daily News sells about 150,000.

But they also own and operate

If you started a business from scratch and also owned this domain name in an MSA with 7-8 million people and two newspapers that drive annual revenue of $120-$150 Million or so, what is that worth? In my business (M&A world), you have to peg or assume a profit rate. Let's use 15% for the sake of argument. That is profit of maybe $20 Million.

Ergo this is a potentially sweet business. I could make this combination work and I don't know squat about the newspaper business except it tends to be run by folks who have problems with capitalism and profit [for examples see Chis Scatullo and Zack Stalberg]. They generally have a million excuses for why they don't have any [profit].

Friday, August 28, 2009

108 More Posts to do.....

.....after this one because I have to do 176 posts a year per my parole agreement. That's what about 27 a month over the last four months. Can of corn. Or Piece of cake.

Newspaper Ad Revenue Down 29%.....

.....and I bet you won't read that in your local newspaper. I estimate newspapers get 40-50% of their total revenue from ad revenue. The rest comes from reader subscription fees. But a 29% drop in half of a business' revenue is enormous. Most businesses would not be able to survive without significant changes to their business model. Lastly, how much more red ink can the media spill? Before they stop putting a happy face on this economy in an effort to save the Obama economic team which has failed so far bigtime!

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Newspapers' financial woes worsened in the second quarter as advertising sales shrank by 29 percent, leaving publishers with $2.8 billion less revenue than they had at the same time last year. It's the deepest downturn yet during a three-year free fall in advertising revenue -- newspapers' main source of income. The magnitude of the industry's advertising losses have intensified in each of the last 12 quarters..........Still, the statistics served as a stark reminder of the crisis facing newspapers as they try to cope with a brutal recession and advertising trends that have shifted more marketing dollars to the Internet............the latest turbulence left U.S. newspapers with ad sales of $6.8 billion in this year's second quarter compared to $9.6 billion last year......through the first half of the year, newspaper ad revenue plunged 29 percent to $13.4 billion....."When the economy eventually begins its recovery, advertisers will return to spending, and newspapers will find themselves extremely well positioned to harness the strength of their print and digital platforms to build a brighter future," Strum predicted. .......Industry analyst Ken Doctor of Outsell Inc. isn't as confident. In a report released earlier this week, Doctor predicted newspapers won't recover all the advertising revenue that has evaporated during the past three years because be believes the recession accounted for only half of the decline. The other half of the equation represents ad spending that has permanently migrated to less expensive options on the Internet, Doctor said......Even newspapers' Internet advertising suffered in the second quarter. The industry's online ad revenue totaled $653 million, a 16 percent drop from last year.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sports Sports & More Sports

...this is one of my favorite times. Baseball is into the last two months and football is starting. Plus it's Little League World Series too. Tonight I was flipping back and forth between Eagles exhibition game, Phillies game and a LLWS game between two American semi-finalists, Chula Vista, California vs. Warner Robins, Georgia [I thought that was a drug company]. [Plus at the same time, I am spewing my wisdom all over the internets. It ain't easy being me!]

Anyhow, til the other night when Texas beat Chula Vista, I thought ChulaVista was unbeatable. Shows you how much I know.

What a great country! Right now Chula Vista leads Georgia team 5-4.......scratch that Georgia rallied and now Georgia is ahead 9-5 in the 4th inning.

Now I Am Just Piling On.......

.....sure call me an SOB.
And keep this in mind. The average American does not worship nor love the Kennedy family.
Democrats should consider that before they try to organize a faux rally around the myth of Ted Kennedy in the quest for health care reform.
But Dems are far too dumb and too arrogant to listen to my advice. For that I am very grateful.

Ted Kennedy - Let's be honest about....

......Ted Kennedy. I offer my condolences to his surviving family and friends.

But let's be honest about a well-known public figure. When he was a 37 year old, married, U.S. Senator, he was responsible for a car accident where he left a young woman behind to suffocate at the bottom of a pond while he saved himself and went to sleep off a huge drunken hangover.

If he had any class or true remorse, Ted Kennedy would have withdrawn from his public life as a senator. He would have spent the rest of his life doing meaningful volunteer work.

But no , Ted Kennedy craved the spotlight and power so he stayed in the senate. He was hypocritical as well. For example, in 1974, Ted Kennedy berated Prez Ford for pardoning Nixon. Kennedy asked if there were two types of justice in America and one was reserved for the connected and powerful! [did he actually say this with a straight face].

I think it is outrageously funny when his kids say "Dad worked so hard". What did a fat drunk know about hard work? IMO, Ted Kennedy was a huge embarrsassment to most thinking Irish-Americans, Catholics and the hard-working taxpayers of America.

I hope Massachusetts replaces Kennedy with a senator who has actually held a real job in their life. There are enough limousine liberals in Congress already. We don't need anymore like Ted Kennedy.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Is Obama Learning On The Job... when the boss's smart but inexperienced son-in-law gets a promotion he did not deserve?

Many of us have seen this before. A young, connected employee is elevated to a position for which he is not really qualified. Most observers will patiently watch while the greenhorn makes mistakes. Sometimes he learns from his mistakes and due to his innate talent and intellect, he can grow into the job.

Is Obama learning on-the-job? Will he learn from mistakes he has made like letting far-left liberal Congress critters write a lousy, ineffective Stimulus plan?

The answer is it remains to be seen. But I would bet Obama is too arrogant to learn new tricks and lacks the common sense and humility to tuly change so he will continue to flounder. He will go down in history as an ineffective president and poor leader.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New York Football Giants (aka Petunias)...

Is it just me, or did we have a similar headline on this very Web site Friday morning?
Except instead of Coughlin and Giants, it said Reid and Eagles. The G-Men AKA PETUNIAS lost to the Bears, 17-3, last night and Tom Coughlin
wasn't pleased with the way his team performed. "Quite frankly, we got embarrassed," he said, per Mike Garafolo of The Newark Star-Ledger. "I don't like that word: 'flat,'" he added. "(The players are) professional athletes. I question their focus. ... There isn't one phase that I thought played well. I didn't think we were very physical at all. We came in with some solid physical objectives and things we didn't do from the first week we had to improve upon. We really didn't accomplish any of those."

The Giants had several players sidelined also, plus they just played Monday night and had only two practices in between games. The one newsworthy item from the game is that defensive tackle Jay Alford, a Penn State product, suffered what is
initially being termed an MCL sprain. Per Garafolo, Alford will undergo an MRI and other tests today.

Congressman Joe Sestak ........... a far left liberal true believer. Rep. Joe Sestak, a democrat representing a suburban Philly district, is a regular Kool Aid drinker. His positions can be easily predicted- he supports whatever the far left believes. It is kinda surprising for a Naval Academy grad and former Navy Admiral but not unprecedented. For example, I give you Jimmy Carter.

I got a letter yesterday from Sestak re the health reform bill. He stated very clearly the bill requires everyone to purchase health insurance. Of course, whoever can not afford it, we the taxpayers will have to pay for their's as well as our own. Here is the quote from Sestak's letter:

"The bill mandates that individuals purchase insurance with limited exceptions. Government would beresponsible for ensuring that every American has access to quality health insurance by providing subsidies to qualifying low- and middle-income families....yada yada yada".

Blogger's comment: I recommend freedom-loving Americans un-elect Congress critters like Joe Sestak. I disagree with his policies vehemently but have respect for Joe Sestak, the veteran.

Friday, August 21, 2009

1339 Posts Already This Year!!!....

........the man must be on speed. I have posted 176 comments per year in each of the last four years. Now that has become my standard goal. I will make 176 again this year even though Iam behind that pace bigtime.

But my buddy, Trooper York, who has like three jobs, has already made 1,339 posts on his blog.. The man is nuts but he has a dam good blog. Check it out at ...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Who Let The Dogs Out.....

.....woof woof is the new Eagles fight song.

The Iggles signed Michael Vick and hopefully will also get rid of their crappy, longtime theme song called "Fly Eagles Fly". IMHO.

Expect weekly protests from those PETA idiots.
[Editor's note - the photo was borrowed from one of my favorite blogs..Support Your Local Gunfighter.]

Sunday, August 09, 2009

I wonder.................

............if we un-elected every Congress critter who has been there ten years or more and we un-elected every Congress critter who was newer but was part of a political dynasty such as Casey, Carnahan, Tsongas, Sarbanes, Murkowski, Landrieu, any Kennedy relative, Biden (his son soon to be anointed U.S. Senator), HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD WE BE THROWING OUT OF CONGRESS OUT OF THE TOTAL OF 535? I bet it would be more than 50%! Maybe it's time we did that, huh?

I will try and figure that out. [this post was spurred after I watched a video of Rep. Tsongas. I assume she is the daughter of Paul, the one-time U.S. Senator. I did not know he had a relative in Congress and she sounds like an nepotism appointment aka dopey]

Thursday, August 06, 2009

AARP is on the run IMO

It seems the tide is turning against so-called "non-partisan" groups like AARP and so-called "balanced" media like NPR`.

I own the domain name and I guess there should be a way someone could make money from that domain name right?

I just don't have the time to figure it out. As Don Corleone would say, make me an offer I can't refuse.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Sunday, August 02, 2009

I am going to Law School.........

..........and after I pass the bar exam, I plan to specialize in representing all those dumb Philosophy majors who chose that useless major and are now doomed to work ar Target or Borders or Starbucks.

I bet I can make a killing. There must be tens of thousands of people who majored in philosophy or tree-hugging or communications and made their parents pay $100,000 in tuition to get a worthless degree.

I bet the rate of alcoholism and drug use is way higher among those parents than the general population. Well, no wonder- their kid was smart enough to go to college but dumb enough to major in a useless subject.

Click here to read a story where a student is suing her dear old alma mater cause she can't find a job.

This Just In..................

.........Contrary to the beliefs and actions of the Obama administration [especially with regards to their ill-conceived Stimulus Plan], the laws of economics and of human nature have not been repealed. The evidence is now pretty much irrefutable.

My theorem is as follows: When you offer Americans a product at a big frigging discount, they will want and buy more of that something.

My evidence: The hoards of paying customers who crowded into car dealers to buy cars when the govt offers a substantial discount aka $4,500 smackeroos!

Actually, this is really not news to anyone outside the Obama administration.

I Am Now An Illegal Immigrant........ order to get free health care. Let me explain. I hear the new far left liberal Democrat health care plan will not cover illegal immigrants but it also precludes providers from verifying a patient's citizenship or identity. That means, of course, illegal immigrants will be covered because providers won't have the ability to check a patient's legal status (aren't those Democrat Congress critters so clever!)

So once the plan goes through, I will make up a new identity to get free healthcare. Does that make me a bad person?

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Cliff Lee Is The New Phils Pitcher... far so good. He had a one-hit shutout thru seven innings tonight in his debut as a new starting pitcher for the Phils versus the SF Giants.

And he gave up two hits and one run in the eighth inning. So far so good! Bring on the Damn Yankees.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kevin Federline Has Fans??

Click on the link to a US Weekly story with the headline "Federline Fans Shocked By His Weight Gain"!

If Kevin Federline has fans, what is wrong with the rest of us? Heh.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Should Govt Workers Buy American Cars.....

.....because govt workers should be very very concerned when American workers lose their jobs. When American workers lose their jobs, they can't pay all the federal, state and local taxes that are used to pay the salaries and benefits and pensions of govt workers.

Union members used to stick together like thieves. I mean that in a good way. At one time, union construction workers, teachers, casino employees, steelworkers and even college professors were reluctant to buy foreign cars. They knew buying "American" supported a fellow union and its members.

I suspect this form of union fellowship has gone by the wayside. If you looked in the driveway of Andy Stern, SEIU President, I'd bet you'd see nothing but foreign cars. If you counted the cars in an Atlantic City casino employee parking lot, you'd probably see 2 foreign cars for every Amercian car.

To go back to the point of my blog post. I bet if you surveyed the cars owned by the White House staff, you'd get the same result : 2 to 1 in favor of foreign cars and most of those dweebs at the White House are anti-car as well [but I digress as that is food for thought for another blog post].

Think about this for a moment- do today's govt workers and their bosses and today's union leaders have the balls to quietly encourage their members to buy American?

FYI next time, I drive by a public school, I will stop and count the number of American cars versus foreign cars owned by the school employees. And I will report back to you. Howsat sound to you?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Support Your Local Gunfighter

Check out this photoshop from one of my favorite bloggers, a local Philly police detective. Click on my post title above to be taken to his blog.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gateway Pundit

A post from one of my favorite blogs, Gateway Pundit.

Some farmer in Iowa set up a lemonade stand and he set his prices based on the customer's annual income. The higher your annual income, the more you pay for his lemonade. He calls it Hopey Changey Prices.

This is too funny. The farmer he did this as a joke and because the Des Moines Register newspaper sponsors an annual bikeride across Iowa. Those bike riders will be passing by his farm this week.

Click on the post title to get taken to the Gateway Pundit blog.

My Money Tree

One of my very best friends gave me this Money Tree plant last year. So far, I have not killed it, it is almost two feet tall and I think it has brought me some luck money-wise. So Kiddo, you know who you are. Thanks so much.

Mary Jo Kopechne....

....Requies en pace. Today is the 40th anniversary of her death and the moon landing. I wonder how many people know that?

I distinctly recall the front page dominated by news of the moon landing and a smaller story anouncing "Senator Kennedy In Car Accident". I saved that paper but don't know if I still have it. Anyway, this photo tip from Instapundit spurrred me to do this blog post.

[P.S. I suspect my Latin spelling is not too good anymore].