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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

$2 Bucks An Hour

That's about what the fed, state and locals governments spend per American per hour 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

It does not matter whether you are sleeping, eating, in church, at work, on vacation, retired, or unemployed, watching TV or in the bathroom. You do not have to worry cause the wheels of government are turning (Ka'ching) and someone is making sure they are spending that $2 per hour for you.

If Obama gets his way, that $2 will increase to $3 per hour in the next 8-10 years!

[Jeez $2 per hour is about $50 a day or $1,500 per month which is more than the average social security benefit check!]

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sound Fair & Equitable To You?

This is a glimpse of our future. A grim future where income and wealth is re-distributed at the whim of the political class. Today, the Pennsylvania governor, Eddie Rendell, disclosed how he plans to whack up some of the Stimulus money. The governor announced he is using $449 Million in federal stimulus funds for the school districts in the five-county Philadelphia area. Here is how the governor is doling out the money:
  • Philadelphia has 38% of the area population & will get $361 Million or 82% of the funds.
  • The other four counties (Bucks, Montgomery, Chester & Delaware) have 62% of the area population & will get only $88 Million or 18% of the money.
  • Sound fair & equitable to you?
  • Hell, I could ask why not give some of the stimulus to parochial and private schools too? Afterall, everyone is suffering in this recession right?
  • Let's take my analysis about one step further:
  • Philadelphia gets $1, 805 per public school student (I estimated population at 200,000 including charter schools funded by School Reform Commission).
  • The other four counties get about $265 per student (I estimated student population at 330,000).

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Happy Anniversary To Me

Celebrated 12 years on the same job on Thursday. My boss asked me how I could remenber the exact date. I told him "That is because every year on this date, I think about quitting"! Heh.

Big Deer in the yard behind mine

Just took this picture of a big deer in the yard just behind mine. There was more than one deer back there but when I went to get a "moving picture" of this one, they all ran off and I could not get clear shot. I may have to buy a rifle to slow these babies down when I want to take their picture. Heh.