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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Priceless Guvmint Drones

Philly DA, Lynn Abraham, slams the mayor, John Street, for his approach to fighting crime. Abraham pleads boo hoo frigidy hoo that "if only the mayor would have a conference call with her". Or some such dribble.

Here are the facts: Abraham has been DA since 1990, Street has been mayor since 2000. Both are responsible but Abraham waits until after the November election to vent about a fellow Democrat guvmint drone. Both have been sucking at the public teet for more than 30 years and both should be thrown out of office. IMHO. Below is the link to Abraham's complaint on the Philly Inquirer.

And editor's note: This is the 2nd time this year I have come to Street's defense (sorta kinda) in a blog post. Therefore, I think the editor is overdue to smack himself upside his own head.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Wonder What Saddam Is Thinking?

Wow, mass murderer, evil dictator, etc. I just heard he is getting hanged within 3-4 hours. To me, it seems sudden. I know he was captured 3 years ago and his trial lasted almost 2 years and then his appeal was denied in the last week or so. But compared to our country, this is being done at the speed of light. Saddam must be shocked too that the legal process is not fgoing to drag out for another few years. That is why I wonder what the bastard is thinking as I type this post to my blog? .......

Excellent Letter To The Editor About Highway Funding

PNI - 12/29/06 Wrong turn on roads

  • As a member of the National Motorists Association,, I am concerned about the tone and direction of the discussions on getting more money for highways. Privatization is a splendid idea - for new roads and new lane capacity. But Rendell & Co. want to sell existing highways. Would the Turnpike Commission disappear? My feeling is that the private owners and government entities would exist in parallel, doubly punishing motorists financially.
  • If you think a private owner of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (monopoly) is a terrific solution, think Comcast. Add to that the fact that "smart growth" planners actually want more traffic congestion, in the mistaken belief that it will force people onto transit, and it is predictable that we will be stuck with current road capacity and higher taxes.
  • Value pricing of roads, similar to off-peak prices for phone calls, is a good idea. For instance, with an extra charge at rush hour, congestion would be significantly alleviated; people would do errands at cheaper times. However, the universal GPS technology needed to do this is years away.
  • For new roads, go ahead and privatize. Value pricing and competition will determine success or failure. For existing roads, stop spending gas-tax money on failing mass transit, bike paths and "greenways." Spend road taxes on roads.
    Tom McCarey of Berwyn

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ralph Peters Should Be Running The War in Iraq

Whenever I read Ralph Peters' opeds in the NY Post, I ask why Peters isn't running the war in Iraq. He is a former military officer, author and damed fine columnist. Here is what he said today about the Iraq war:

One thing's clear: If we can't enforce security, nothing else matters. So the wisest course of action seems obvious - except to the Washington establishment: Return to a wartime footing. Focus exclusively on security. Concentrate on doing one thing well. Freeze all reconstruction and aid projects. Halt every program and close every office that doesn't contribute directly to pacifying Iraq. Empty the Green Zone. Pack off the contractors. Reduce the military's overhead to those elements essential to support combat operations. Make it clear to "our" Iraqis that it's sink-or-swim time. Remove our advisers from any Iraqi unit that can operate marginally without them (and let the Iraqis do security their way without interference).
Above all, establish unity of command: Stop pretending there's a fully functional government in Baghdad, recall our ambassador until the fighting's over and make this a purely military effort until Iraq has been pacified. “

Hard to argue with this damned smart advice.

Americans Should Hold House Parties To Celebrate The Execution

I think I will have a party to celebrate the execution of an evil, cruel dictator. Hope it is in prime time. I suggest you do the same and ask your guests to make donations to the USO instead of bringing a bottle or a dish or a case of beer.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

When Did Lohachara Island Sink?

Interesting story on Drudge today about the first island to be submerged by rising seas due to the dreaded global warming. I googled the name of the island, Lochachara, and found a story that indicates the island was actually submerged 22 years ago. Go figure? I wonder which is correct?

Here are the links to the two stories. Today's story on Drudge claims the island was submerged just recently.

This story indcates the island was submerged 22 years ago.
The quote below from the story (link above) indicates this Lochachara island was submerged 22 years ago! “Close to Jana’s hut is another witness to the misery after the rising sea submerged the islands of Lohachara and Bedford 22 years ago. Divakar Bhandari was in his early-30s when the catastrophe occurred.”

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Don't Know How The Philly Inquirer Missed This Story...

.......oh that's right, the story is critical of Democrats so I guess the Inky just decided it was not newsworthy. But if this Al Quaeda leader had said the same thing about Republicans, I think it would have made the front page.

Friday, December 22, 2006

This Just In - "Deficits Don't Matter If Created By Democrats Spending"

Thank God I don't have Times Select cause then I'd be tempted to read this crap from their ilk like Paul Krugman (see his OPED title and the lede). So it appears the liberal pundits will now admit that deficits don't matter when Dems hold the majority? What a deutschbag Krugman is and if the Dems agree with his column, I submit the Dems will again fall victim to their biggest weakness and that is that Dems Truly Don't Have Values Of Any Kind. (Below is all I could copy from the NY Times Select Wall but it reveals enough about little Paul and his old and tedious ideas):

"Democrats and the Deficit
Published: December 22, 2006
The Lede .................Given a choice between cutting the deficit and spending more on good things like health care reform, Democrats in Congress should choose the spending."

Monday, December 18, 2006

Protect The Turtles (and maybe Americans too)

The Galapagos Islands is a fast-growing tourist destination because it has giant turtles and stuff. As a result, the resident population has grown from 8,000 to 30,000 and the tree-huggers are concerned the island's delicate eco-system will be damaged by the added residents and the tourists. In an effort to restrict the growth in the resident population, the island is issuing mandatory ID cards!! Here is a quote from the news story in the Seattle PI newspaper.

"Local officials acknowledge that enforcement of the (immigration) rules is problematic. But a special government census, which collected data recently, is one of several ways officials are trying to get a better handle on growth…..About three months ago, they also began issuing residents mandatory identity cards that feature photos, invisible ultraviolet ink, a computer bar code and a holographic overlay."

I think that is great news!! Perhaps, when they get their ID system perfected, the good old USA can adopt it and use it here in America to help track illegal immigrants and potential terrorists. Afterall, if it's good enough for the turtles on the Galapagos Islands, it should be good enough for Americans. Why don't we all check with our local Congressman and see what he thinks?

Here is the link to the story if you want to read.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Voters Have Spoken

Congressman Jefferson of Louisiana has won his runoff election against a Democrat challenger who ran on the platform that essentially " Jefferson had $90,000 in cold cash in his fridge and was probably corrupt". The voters said "tsk tsk tsk don't be such a meany" and voted for Jefferson anyway. Below is the link to the story.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

This Is Perfect Don't You Think?

I Will Miss Boondocks

My favorite comic strip is Boondocks. I just heard the writer is going on indefinite hiatus. Damn that sucks- I am gonna miss my daily fix. That's just one less reason for me to buy a daily newspaper.

For years, I read almost every comic strip in the daily newspaper. In the last few years, I cut down to a select few. Those are: Doonesbury written by that liberal wheenie with a French name, Dilbert, Hal Foster's Prince Valiant (Sundays only), and The Piranha Club. I may have to read Get Fuzzy the strip that replaced Boondocks. Was not too bad this morning- probably an acquired taste- I will give it a chance.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

This Had To Hurt

A bridge falls onto a train passing below. That had to frigging hurt.

The AP writer uses the phrase "colonial-era bridge" as if that is some kind of universal date stamp throughout the world. In America, the phrase could refer to 300-400 years ago. Who the frig knows what it is in India (though later in the story, it says 150 years ago). And I am just saying, you know!