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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ralph Peters Should Be Running The War in Iraq

Whenever I read Ralph Peters' opeds in the NY Post, I ask why Peters isn't running the war in Iraq. He is a former military officer, author and damed fine columnist. Here is what he said today about the Iraq war:

One thing's clear: If we can't enforce security, nothing else matters. So the wisest course of action seems obvious - except to the Washington establishment: Return to a wartime footing. Focus exclusively on security. Concentrate on doing one thing well. Freeze all reconstruction and aid projects. Halt every program and close every office that doesn't contribute directly to pacifying Iraq. Empty the Green Zone. Pack off the contractors. Reduce the military's overhead to those elements essential to support combat operations. Make it clear to "our" Iraqis that it's sink-or-swim time. Remove our advisers from any Iraqi unit that can operate marginally without them (and let the Iraqis do security their way without interference).
Above all, establish unity of command: Stop pretending there's a fully functional government in Baghdad, recall our ambassador until the fighting's over and make this a purely military effort until Iraq has been pacified. “

Hard to argue with this damned smart advice.

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