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Sunday, December 24, 2006

When Did Lohachara Island Sink?

Interesting story on Drudge today about the first island to be submerged by rising seas due to the dreaded global warming. I googled the name of the island, Lochachara, and found a story that indicates the island was actually submerged 22 years ago. Go figure? I wonder which is correct?

Here are the links to the two stories. Today's story on Drudge claims the island was submerged just recently.

This story indcates the island was submerged 22 years ago.
The quote below from the story (link above) indicates this Lochachara island was submerged 22 years ago! “Close to Jana’s hut is another witness to the misery after the rising sea submerged the islands of Lohachara and Bedford 22 years ago. Divakar Bhandari was in his early-30s when the catastrophe occurred.”


Mary Robinette said...

I'd want to know more about this too. I think that it's possible that Lochachara fully disappeared recently, but the process began longer ago.

Achintyarup Ray said...

You will find the answer here: