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Friday, June 30, 2006

MSM Neglects To Tell Readers The Just Convicted Former Governor is A Democrat

I am sure it is just an oversight but at least two MSM news stories failed to report the political party affiliation of Don Siegelman, the former governor of Alabama who was convicted yesterday of taking bribes.

And FYI- he is a DEMOCRAT and not a member of the Party linked to the culture of corruption.

Below are the links to the two stories (Bloomberg News and The Wilmington News Journal). And I also saw an AP news release that also omitted his party affiliation.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

He Was Paid Approx $250 MILLION in the last 30 years & is 74 years old

Yes I am talking about Dan Rather. So, let's not worry too much about him.

But let's question Rather's gigantic narcissistic attytood in his bemoaning CBS decision to put him and his experience in "mothballs" so to speak. If Rather feels he has so much left to say, why doesn't he just buy his own cable channel- I suspect he could afford it.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Inquirer Buries Big Story About Lynn Swann's Plan to Cut Number of State Legislator Drones

Let's say this right up front..."the Philadelphia Inquirer loves Fat Eddie Rendell- he can do no wrong in their eyes". And they are doing their best to support Fat Eddie's re-election campaign by playing up Fat Eddie's daily press releases and criticizing every thing said by his opponent, Lynn Swann, or downplaying Swann's platform.

For example, in yesterday's Inquirer, they buried a story about Swann's goal to reduce the size of the state legislature by 40% (afterall it is the biggest or 2nd biggest in the country!). IMHO, Swann's plan is GIGANTIC NEWS. But the Inky buried it on page 4 of its metro section. The people who work at the Inky should be ashamed to work there!. Below is the link to the story. Suggest you read it.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Is Al Bore's Movie Full of Soup?

Read this article. The climate experts quoted in the story seem to think Al Bore's movie is chock full of wholes - you know like everyone used to beleive the moon was made of swiss cheese.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

University President Says "FU" to The NCAA

Quick recap- last year the NCAA issued an edict that barred colleges from continuing to use the name of Amrican Indian Tribe for their mascots.

The president of the University of North Dakota just responded to the dimwitted but oh so politically correct NCAA. The University uses the "Fighting Sioux" as its longtime mascot. I say good for UND and its president. And btw- here is a bit of trivia for you. The current prez of the NCAA is Miles Brand who just happens to be the guy who fired Bobby knight at Indiana University.

Below is the link to the letter. read it - he is very creative in telling the NCAA to f-off. Hat tip for this item to

Bill O'Reilly Has The Same Effect As Dr. Kevorkian

Below is a link to the lead idiotorial in the Philly Inquirer this morning. They are bemoaning the three suicides at Gitmo and claim it stains the USA.

I say nothing could be further from the truth. I suspect the suicides were probably due to the fact that the inmates heard Bill O'Reilly was coming for a visit.

Cable Company To Change Its Channel Numbers

Actually this a good thing cause I think I was close to wearing out the numbers on my remote for the Fox News Channel (at least that is what I want my two far-left lib siblings to believe).

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Cut Out Starbucks On the Way To Work & Save $1,500 Per year

The link below is to a NY Times story. It offers money-saving financial tips to new college grads on how to save money once they get a job of course. It's a good column and I suggest you read it. Starbucks won't like it. (jeez this makes two NY Times stories I linked to in one I an equal opportunity blogger or what?).

The Rich & Powerful Really Think They Are Better Than The Rest Of Us

Read the NY Times article I linked to below. It tells of some small vacation town where some of New York's richest and mightiest spend their summers. Well, apparently some of them feel they can register to vote in two locations: their legal residence be it in NY city or some expensive suburb AND their summer home's town. In fact, one of the bigshots quoted had this to say about casting a vote in both places. It sounds like something an old railroad baron would have said 100 years ago.

Here is her quote : "People are making decisions on how our taxes are spent...without the vote, we have payment without representation".

The article notes courts have refused to allow dual voting no matter how rich and no matter how many vacation homes you may own. Oh and who actually said the quote above? Well, it was Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to run for vice president and a bigtime Democrat. I suggest you read the article and I believe the dual voters should be arrested and prosecuted.