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Friday, June 16, 2006

Inquirer Buries Big Story About Lynn Swann's Plan to Cut Number of State Legislator Drones

Let's say this right up front..."the Philadelphia Inquirer loves Fat Eddie Rendell- he can do no wrong in their eyes". And they are doing their best to support Fat Eddie's re-election campaign by playing up Fat Eddie's daily press releases and criticizing every thing said by his opponent, Lynn Swann, or downplaying Swann's platform.

For example, in yesterday's Inquirer, they buried a story about Swann's goal to reduce the size of the state legislature by 40% (afterall it is the biggest or 2nd biggest in the country!). IMHO, Swann's plan is GIGANTIC NEWS. But the Inky buried it on page 4 of its metro section. The people who work at the Inky should be ashamed to work there!. Below is the link to the story. Suggest you read it.

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