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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'd Prefer We Give The Money To Our Own Needy Citizens

Click on the post title. The recession relief bill may include giving rebates to some illegal immigrants. That just ain't right- I would rather it go to our own needy citizens.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Senate Fossil Unearthed - Endorses Obama For Change

Senator Ted Kennedy, the Senate's 2nd oldest fossil awoke from a nap yesterday, wiped the drool from his lip and endorsed Senator Obama.

Senator Kennedy described Obama as the best candidate to bring meaningfull change to Washington. Unnamed sources suggested Obama accepted Kennedy's endoresment and in return Obama promised his sweeping changes will not affect ancient relics like Kennedy.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama & Change

Obama has been endorsed by so many of the long-serving Dem dinosaurs, I find it hard to believe Obama will actually change much.

Here are some of the veteran Dems who have endorsed Obama: Leahy, Kerry, Daschle, Kennedy, Nelson. Including Daschle who is not in the Senate anymore, I estimate these five have been in the Senate an average of 20 years or more! Will be hard for Obama to get these guys to change.

Ebay Sells All Kinds Of Stuff

Click on the post and see what Ebay is selling.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Where Did They Find The Time For Sex?

The Detroit Free Press looked at 14,000 text messages on the mayor's city-issued pager. The messages covered a four month period (two months in 2002 and two months in 2003). Do the math, that is an average of 3,500 messages per month or more than 100 per day!

When the fluff did the married mayor find the time to have sex with his married assistant when they were so busy sending and receiving text messages?

Lastly, what the heck did all these text messages cost the city? I get charged $0.25 per message on my Verizon plan.

Friday, January 25, 2008

You Know Your Campaign Is Toast .....

.....when one of your biggest supporters is the actor who played Cooter on the old Dukes Of Hazard TV show.

This link is from a local blogger who fancies herself a big-time blogger. She loves John Edwards because he espouses the most disdain for America.

Here the blogger is touting what "Cooter" said at an Edwards campaign rally. (To be fair to Cooter, he left his acting career behind and is now U.S. Congressman, Ben Jones).

Oceans 11 ?

Wonder if this could be a robbery in progress?

You know set a fire, evacuate everyone then scoop up cash and other valuables left behind?

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Our next prez?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tell Us Somthing We Don't Know

Inky trots out a study from the PU Foundation. The study found the costs of benefits (pensions, helath insurance, etc) for government workers are taking a bigger and bigger chunk out of the city's budget! And there is no end in sight. I am shocked at this news!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eagles Jersey .....Nice

These Perps Are Lucky New Jersey Did Away With The Death Penalty

Two New Jersey men were arrested for murdering a young mother over a debt and /or drug deal. Plus they left her 3-week old baby on the street (thankfully she was found unharmed by a passerby).

I think they should get the death penalty- but New Jersey eliminated that penalty last month. Ain't they lucky!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Social Security Was Designed As A Supplement To Your Retirement

I just heard a guy on C-Span say that. He is a financial writer for USA Today named John Waggoner.

Jeez- why are we paying 12% of our earnings to something called a "Supplement"? And how is the average American supposed to save much more than 12% for their retirement? This situation is the cause of the economic anxiety felt by many of us.

I bet 99% of financial planners would tell you your retirement will be frigging secure and wonderful if you consistently put away 12% of your earnings each year.

The GOOD NEWS is the average American does that via social security "contributions" in conjunction with their employer. The BAD NEWS is the Congress and our government has been spending that money as fast as they can.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Schadenfreude is Chris Scatullo Relegated to Saturday's Columnist

Former Inquirer editor and current pompous, presumptious lameduck,Chris Scatullo, is now writing columns for the Inquirer's Saturday edition. Oh how far the once-mighty has fallen! The creator of the blowhard-dominated Great Expectations circle jerks is surely on his way out at the Inquirer. Chris, nothing personal, but I say it is about frigging time.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bad Economy ?

From an OPED today by columnist, Ron Brownstein.Let me paraphrase what he reported ....from 2000 to 2006, the number of households with annual income of $75,000 increased from:
  • 16% to 24% in Iowa and
  • from 26% to 38% in New Hampshire.
  • FYI - that is an increase of 45-50% from 2000 to 2006 and
  • Certainly does not seem to indicate household incomes have beem stagnant under the Bush administration. Here is the actual money quote:
"Some of the increase among high-end voters can be explained by the simple reality that there are more of them. From 2000 through 2006 (the most recent year for which figures are available), the share of Iowa families earning at least $75,000 increased from about one-sixth to nearly one-fourth, according to Census Bureau figures. In New Hampshire, the rise over the same period was from 26 percent to 38 percent. "

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Was Wolf Blitzer Even Paying Attention ?

Ok s0 I am watching CNN yesterday and Jack Cafferty is explaining to Wolf Blitzer that there is a proposal to raise the federal gasoline tax by 40 cents over the next five years. The increased tax revenue will be used to pay to repair highways, infrastructure, etc..... and Wolf responds "well that is better than giving the money to Saudi Arabia"! Was Wolf even listening to Cafferty ?

BTW, I hear, in England, they refer to their news anchors as "news readers" which is certainly what they are. And don't ask me why I was watching Jack Cafferty's show - I must have misplaced the remote control.

Ringing Endorsement For Obama (NOT)

Read this Las Vegas newspaper endorsement for Obama in the Democratic primary. It is certainly not a ringing, stirring endorsement of the young Illinois senator. It is more like "vote for Obama, his is not as bad as Hillary and Edwards".

I suspect this newspaper is NOT left-leaning and so it is way out of step from its MSM brethren.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bad Economy?

I ask you - is the economy as horrible as polls and surveys indicate ? I have my doubts if people can afford to pay others to walk their dogs!

Check out this Philadelphia Inquirer story about dog-walking services in Philly by clicking on the post title above.

I know I know - this could be a "Haves vs. Have Nots" issue but still it suggests the economy ain't that frigging bad. Just a week or so ago, there was another story about a company that rents out dogs to people for the weekend.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pick The Quarterbacks With The Five-Letter Names

Nough said- these two will face off in the Super Bowl which will be a good one. I pick the team that is known for playing on the frozen tundras in an upset! Heh - figure that out.

Well - I told you who my picks were this weekend and only two of four won BUT BUT remember I said if you must bet TAKE THE OVER!

If you had taken that advice, you would have won three out of four of your bets! Not bad huh?

Just call me Emperor For Life.

Favre, Brady & Manning - Frigging Great Passers!

I have never seen three more accurate passers in the three games so far this weekend. Favre, Brady & Manning have been unbelievable (as I type this Manning came close to throwing an interception on the potentially game-winning drive with only 2 minutes left).

And now it looks like the Bolts are going to pull off an upset of the Colts. BTW, this game is a rematch of the game I attended earlier this year in San Diego on a Sunday might. The Bolts beat the Colts in that game too.

And David Garrard is an up and coming damn accurate passer too. He could join this trio someday IMHO.

Letter To The Editor

Below is my letter to the editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer. It was published this morning Sunday 01/13/2008:

Dear Editor (I don't call them 'Idiotor"to their face heh):

Your Diversity?
I saw the Tom Ferrick column on the building trades and its lack of diversity (Inquirer, Jan. 6). A few weeks ago, I also saw a story about the increasing "whiteness" of the state police ("Pa. troopers' ranks getting less diverse," Dec. 23).

Ironically, also on Dec. 23, in the first edition on the same page as the state police story, The Inquirer was touting its "12 must-read columnists." I happened to note all 12 of the columnists mentioned are white.

How does The Inquirer reconcile its own apparent lack of diversity versus other organizations with which it finds fault? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

A.J. Lynch

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Little Late But Here Are My NFL Picks

New England, Green Bay, Dallas & Indianapolis. No Upsets this weekend and since the lines are so large, I suggest you bet the "Over" if you must bet.

Sorry for making my picks so late but just saw Hube's picks at and it reminded me I forgot to post mine.

And after seeing Brett Favre in the early game, I am leaning to picking Green Bay to win next week in the NFC championship- they have a very good offense and a very good defense (maybe the best defense of the remaining 4 NFC playoff teams!)

Global Warming

Got my PECO bill this week. For the 2nd month in a row, average temperatures were significantly lower than the same period last year. Here are the stats:

Average Temp this year per my billing period was 37.
Average temp last year per my billing period was 43!

We have had colder than normal temps since November IMHO.

This is what I posted last month after I got my PECO bill:

Friday, January 11, 2008

Why Governor Corzine Believes There Is No Limit To Tolls & Taxes

U.S. & WORLD NEWS: NJ tops US in number of millionaires

New Jersey has the most millionaire households in the country, according to a marketing company's fifth annual ranking. The Garden State moved up from No. 2 in 2005 and 2006 to No. 1 last year on the index, compiled by Phoenix Affluent Marketing Service, which does research for companies that sell luxury products, investments and the like to the wealthy.

According to the service, in 2007, 7.12 percent of New Jersey's 3.2 million households had a total of $1 million or more liquid or investable assets. That includes items such as savings, stocks and bonds, precious metals, the cash value of certain life insurance policies and retirement accounts not controlled by employers, but not equity in homes (The Associated Press)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Iowa / New Hampshire Democrat Primary Meter

Here is what I see based on Iowa / New Hampshire:
  1. Obama can win states that are liberal like Iowa. These include NJ,WI,MN,IL,MD, MA, MI, CA, OR and WA.
  2. Hillary can win states that are more moderate like New Hampshire. These include PA, OH, VA, FL, MO, TX, and the other western states.
  3. New York could be up for grabs.
  4. My election scale is based on this observation...Obama got almost 40% in a very liberal state while Clinton beat him by 3% in a fairly conservative state. So if a state is more liberal than New Hampshire, I predict an Obama victory. If it is as conservative or more conservative than New Hampshire, I predict Clinton will win. Basic, simple, primitive analysis and I could be wrong.
  5. If my Iowa/ New Hampshire meter is accurate, the race will be back and forth with Hillary eking out a win over Obama (who becomes her running mate for VP).

Call it my Iowa/ New Hampshire meter.

John Edwards .....Bubble Boy...Separated at Birth?

John Edwards is ignoring reality - he just got less than 20% of the Dem vote in New Hampshire, a middle of the road state, after finishing 2nd in the very very liberal state of Iowa.

I say his campaign is doomed. It is apparent to me that so far voters will support the moderate candidates as the primaries moves from a very liberal state to a moderate state. That means Edwards has seen his best finish in Iowa and it is probably downhill from here for Edwards (and may not be great news for Obama either).

John Edwards & Bubble Boy ...separated at birth?

A Face Made For Radio?

Dana Bash....How'd this mug get on TV?

Ten Reasons Why Hillary Is Struggling To Win

Voters did not like:

  1. The tawdry, distracting parts of the Clinton years
  2. Blaming marital problems on "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy".
  3. Her inability to prove her claim of extensive experience.
  4. Her expectation that she is next in line for the nomination.
  5. Same old, same old advisers and talking points/ no fresh vision.
  6. Vague promise of "change" - lacks specific plan or platform for substantive change
  7. Screechy voice and ghastly laugh.
  8. Too tightly scripted - gave very little access to media questions.
  9. Weirdness of Bill Clinton hovering in and out of the campaign.
  10. Thought of fighting same battles from 60's to the 90's again.

The bad news for Hillary is she can only fix or address # 5, 6 and 8; all the others are carved in the history books or hard-coded in her DNA.

Monday, January 07, 2008

The Philadelphia Inquirer & Race


Dear Mr. Ferrick:
I saw your column yesterday on the building trades and its lack of diversity.
Two weeks ago I saw a story about the increasing "whiteness" of the state police. Ironically, the same day and on the same page, the Inquirer was touting its "12 can't -miss columnists". I noted all 12 were white.
How does the Inquirer reconcile its own apparent lack of diversity vs. other organizations with which it finds fault? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!
Best Regards,

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Screw Health Insurance, Everyone Would Have A Bike....If I Was Emperor

Belated post...
Christmas to my niece,
Chrissy. This is her new bike and she can't wait to try out her new Trek Cruiser in NYC's Central Park.

My Football Picks

San Diego, Tampa Bay & Ohio State.

I had Seattle yesterday and in the college bowl season, I had winners in Penn State, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi State, New England (over 30 points vs. NYG) and Maryland (I think Maryland was a winner).

My losers were Connecticut and Boston College and Dallas Cowboys (last game of season vs. Redskins). [Can I say Redskins in the blogosphere or is not PC anymore?]

Keep in mind, I was in Vegas over the holidays so most of these were "real" bets. It's nice to win or even break even. [Idiotor's note "Well that is a No shit statement"]

Rock The Vote

Thought for the day....................

CNN and others have tried to stir the young to vote in past years by establishing lame programs such as "Rock the Vote". I call them lame because I felt few young people would respond to programs from an establishment group like CNN. It would be unnatural and dare say uncool. I know my generation would never have responded to a get out the vote program from CBS or NBC, etc.

My prediction is that it appears Barack Obama could be a natural force to TRULY Rock The Vote and he could single-handily increase the number of young voters IF the Dems are smart enough to nominate him and IF the Dems are smart enough to eschew STUPID FAUX MOVEMENTS LIKE THE AFOREMENTIONED ROCK THE VOTE! IMHO.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

More Good News From Iraq

The Belmont Club reports three month death toll is at lowest ever since Iraq War began. Click on post title to see data. This is very good news! I can't wait til all the troops are back home.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ralph Peters ....Best Foreigh Affairs Columnist in the USA

Ralph Peters is my favorite foreign affairs columnist. He writes a regular column for the NY Post and the link provided is to a blog that points out the smart stuff in Peters' latest column where he says 2007 was a turning point in the war on terroe and in Iraq. Keep in mind, Peters has been a vocal critic of the Iraq Qar plan in recent years but is a fan of General Petraeus' surge tactics. Peters is a retired Army officer so he knows what he is talking about.

Here is a money quote from the Peters article. I think the quote depicts perfectly the "attytood" of most Dems and Libs in this country..." We should have learned the utility (value) of fighting, instead of letting liberal-elite America-haters inflict their defeatist agenda on our country and on the world".

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

This One Is For You.....Go Illinois ...Beat USC

My good friend is an Illinois grad and diehard fan. She is attending the Rose Bowl game today. And I say "Go Fighting Illini...Beat USC!".
Have fun Kiddo at the Parade and at the Game!
(Picture at left is Illinois QB, Juice Williams, an exciting but unpredictable underclassman QB).

Ice Hockey Outdoors on New Years Day

Is this a great country or what! I know it is only a hockey game but Americans love traditions because we are sentimental and a little corny and are satisfied with simple pleasures like a hockey game in the frigid outdoor cold. I hope this game becomes a great, American tradition.
Think about this ....we have not been good at introducing new traditions in recent years. Almost all of our traditions were born in the years of 1900-1960 or even before that. Wonder if that indicates our society is a bit stale? or stagnating a bit? So if you are reading this - I say go and start some new traditions - they are good for you!

Happy New Years- I will be watching on TV my first ice hockey game in many years and it is being played outdoors in front of a record crowd.
(Blogger's note- when the hell did the Penguins change their colors to Blue and white? For years, all of the Pittsburgh team colors were black and yellow..Steelers, Pirates and Penguins. This proves how long ago I paid attention to hockey).