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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ice Hockey Outdoors on New Years Day

Is this a great country or what! I know it is only a hockey game but Americans love traditions because we are sentimental and a little corny and are satisfied with simple pleasures like a hockey game in the frigid outdoor cold. I hope this game becomes a great, American tradition.
Think about this ....we have not been good at introducing new traditions in recent years. Almost all of our traditions were born in the years of 1900-1960 or even before that. Wonder if that indicates our society is a bit stale? or stagnating a bit? So if you are reading this - I say go and start some new traditions - they are good for you!

Happy New Years- I will be watching on TV my first ice hockey game in many years and it is being played outdoors in front of a record crowd.
(Blogger's note- when the hell did the Penguins change their colors to Blue and white? For years, all of the Pittsburgh team colors were black and yellow..Steelers, Pirates and Penguins. This proves how long ago I paid attention to hockey).

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