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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ten Reasons Why Hillary Is Struggling To Win

Voters did not like:

  1. The tawdry, distracting parts of the Clinton years
  2. Blaming marital problems on "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy".
  3. Her inability to prove her claim of extensive experience.
  4. Her expectation that she is next in line for the nomination.
  5. Same old, same old advisers and talking points/ no fresh vision.
  6. Vague promise of "change" - lacks specific plan or platform for substantive change
  7. Screechy voice and ghastly laugh.
  8. Too tightly scripted - gave very little access to media questions.
  9. Weirdness of Bill Clinton hovering in and out of the campaign.
  10. Thought of fighting same battles from 60's to the 90's again.

The bad news for Hillary is she can only fix or address # 5, 6 and 8; all the others are carved in the history books or hard-coded in her DNA.

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