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Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kevin Federline Has Fans??

Click on the link to a US Weekly story with the headline "Federline Fans Shocked By His Weight Gain"!

If Kevin Federline has fans, what is wrong with the rest of us? Heh.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Should Govt Workers Buy American Cars.....

.....because govt workers should be very very concerned when American workers lose their jobs. When American workers lose their jobs, they can't pay all the federal, state and local taxes that are used to pay the salaries and benefits and pensions of govt workers.

Union members used to stick together like thieves. I mean that in a good way. At one time, union construction workers, teachers, casino employees, steelworkers and even college professors were reluctant to buy foreign cars. They knew buying "American" supported a fellow union and its members.

I suspect this form of union fellowship has gone by the wayside. If you looked in the driveway of Andy Stern, SEIU President, I'd bet you'd see nothing but foreign cars. If you counted the cars in an Atlantic City casino employee parking lot, you'd probably see 2 foreign cars for every Amercian car.

To go back to the point of my blog post. I bet if you surveyed the cars owned by the White House staff, you'd get the same result : 2 to 1 in favor of foreign cars and most of those dweebs at the White House are anti-car as well [but I digress as that is food for thought for another blog post].

Think about this for a moment- do today's govt workers and their bosses and today's union leaders have the balls to quietly encourage their members to buy American?

FYI next time, I drive by a public school, I will stop and count the number of American cars versus foreign cars owned by the school employees. And I will report back to you. Howsat sound to you?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Support Your Local Gunfighter

Check out this photoshop from one of my favorite bloggers, a local Philly police detective. Click on my post title above to be taken to his blog.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gateway Pundit

A post from one of my favorite blogs, Gateway Pundit.

Some farmer in Iowa set up a lemonade stand and he set his prices based on the customer's annual income. The higher your annual income, the more you pay for his lemonade. He calls it Hopey Changey Prices.

This is too funny. The farmer he did this as a joke and because the Des Moines Register newspaper sponsors an annual bikeride across Iowa. Those bike riders will be passing by his farm this week.

Click on the post title to get taken to the Gateway Pundit blog.

My Money Tree

One of my very best friends gave me this Money Tree plant last year. So far, I have not killed it, it is almost two feet tall and I think it has brought me some luck money-wise. So Kiddo, you know who you are. Thanks so much.

Mary Jo Kopechne....

....Requies en pace. Today is the 40th anniversary of her death and the moon landing. I wonder how many people know that?

I distinctly recall the front page dominated by news of the moon landing and a smaller story anouncing "Senator Kennedy In Car Accident". I saved that paper but don't know if I still have it. Anyway, this photo tip from Instapundit spurrred me to do this blog post.

[P.S. I suspect my Latin spelling is not too good anymore].

Monday, July 13, 2009

Kessel's Korner.. right behind the condo we rented for the week on Ocean City, NJ. It is known for its long lines at night when people take a walk and buy their ice cream. It serves breakfast, lunch & dinner, has good milkshakes and burgers.

I am also posting here a pic of the flags on the neighboring properties and pics of my nephew's surfboard.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Professional (movie)...

...gets 3-4 STARS from me. My evaluation technique is quite sophisticated. I use a series of tricky, complicated questions and grade the movie accordingly. Here are my standard questions:

Was the movie entertaining? (that is the only question- I lied about using a series of questions).Heh.

Based on that rigorous screening of potential screen gems, THE PROFESSIONAL (CIRCA 1994) gets 3.5 stars! I highly recommend it.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Enjoy The 4th of July.....

......God damn, I have a green thumb!

Friday, July 03, 2009

66 Degrees at 8AM .........

.......Have we broken a new record for heat waves due to global warming or climate change or whatever we are calling it these days? This is downright frightening!

Today, on July 3rd at 8AM in the Philly area, it was an unbelievable 66 degrees! I fear for the future of mankind if these kind of heat waves continue.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

The New Toy

I just got this recumbent bike for home. So far, it's great! In one hour I work up a good sweat plus it is super-quiet so you can watch TV and DVD's. That eliminates the boredom factor bigtime.

This blogger may watch way more movies and become a movie critic. That will help me with this blogging crap because I am required to do 176 blog posts a year on this blog (per my probation officer) and so far this year, I am way off that pace.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Things You Will Never Hear In America........

The headline is "Putin Tells Russians To Stop Drinking & Gambling". Click the link if you actually want to read the story...

But my point is............Due to the ginormous tax revenues the United States gets from these two legal activities, you will never hear an American politician say that to American boozers or gamblers.

$51,000 Per Year

I am referring to the cost of one year's tuition, room and board at a well-respected college, Drexel University, in the Philly area. I don't know if this includes the cost of books which can run you $1,000 per semester if you major in a science (I mean a "real" science major not a "psuedo" science major like political science or sociology).

Someone I know mentioned this price tag to me. It was for her oldest kid who has been accepted at Drexel and will try to get a science degree and go on to a career in health services.

This is way too much money even for a great school like Drexel. Something is out of whack and I do not blame it on the govt or Bush or Obama.

Obama says he has to fix health care because it is eating up more and more of our GDP. I have a sneaking suspicion we have been dishing out larger and larger amounts for education if you include the costs of K-12 with all post secondary schools.

That is one reason "for profit" education schools are appealing to private equity firms. If you own one, let me know, I'd like to find you a buyer.