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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gateway Pundit

A post from one of my favorite blogs, Gateway Pundit.

Some farmer in Iowa set up a lemonade stand and he set his prices based on the customer's annual income. The higher your annual income, the more you pay for his lemonade. He calls it Hopey Changey Prices.

This is too funny. The farmer he did this as a joke and because the Des Moines Register newspaper sponsors an annual bikeride across Iowa. Those bike riders will be passing by his farm this week.

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Asante Samuel said...

We went to fri night game and left during the rainout. Phils have a monster lineup, can't see where they need Pedro.

The rest of the season should be theirs, and meet with the Yanks in the World Series

AJ Lynch said...

Yeah I was at the shore and went to bed before they won in 12th inning.

My brother thinks they will repeat. I believe that is very possible.

It is so relaxing to watch them now after they won it all last year. It takes the pressure off me as a fan. Ain't that funny?

dr kill said...

But the last time the Flyers skated the Cup was during my Jr year in State College. As a die-hard fan of Don Cherry- Broad Street bully North American -style hockey, it is really hard to watch what they pass off as hockey now. Really the only hockey worth watching is the playoffs, when the game mysteriously resembles the old days.

AJ Lynch said...

I am older than you. I helped to celebrate (aka rioted) for two straight years (1974 & 1975) when they won the Stanley Cup.

After that, I lost interest in hockey. But those celebrations were so much fun.

Trooper York said...

Hey AJ are you guys gonna get Halliday from Toronto?

I really hope we see you guys in the Series. The Yanks are kicking serious ass these days.

AJ Lynch said...

I hope not. I like what we have. Big longterm big bucks pitcher contracts tend to blow up when the pitcher's arm blows up.

I favor the big bucks deals for the everyday players. Of course, the Mets have proven me wrong the last few years caus their everyday player trades have sucked mostly.