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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

$51,000 Per Year

I am referring to the cost of one year's tuition, room and board at a well-respected college, Drexel University, in the Philly area. I don't know if this includes the cost of books which can run you $1,000 per semester if you major in a science (I mean a "real" science major not a "psuedo" science major like political science or sociology).

Someone I know mentioned this price tag to me. It was for her oldest kid who has been accepted at Drexel and will try to get a science degree and go on to a career in health services.

This is way too much money even for a great school like Drexel. Something is out of whack and I do not blame it on the govt or Bush or Obama.

Obama says he has to fix health care because it is eating up more and more of our GDP. I have a sneaking suspicion we have been dishing out larger and larger amounts for education if you include the costs of K-12 with all post secondary schools.

That is one reason "for profit" education schools are appealing to private equity firms. If you own one, let me know, I'd like to find you a buyer.

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