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Monday, October 27, 2008

World Series Game 3 - More Pictures

Danielle Elizabeth

My niece and God-daughter had her first baby on Friday. The adorable Danielle Elizabeth was born about 8PM and is 21 inches and 8 lbs. Mother, baby and Dad are doing great; they returned home yesterday after stopping to say hello to Granpop Michael Gullotti.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Phils Will Sweep The Devil Rays....

...and Jimmy Rollins will be World Series MVP with three dingers and ten RBI's. Howzat for a prediction?

Phils Win Phils Win

Mixed Martial Arts Company Lost Money

The mixed martial arts company announced it is going out of business. In spite of a TV contract with CBS. And the company revenues in the last two years were $55 Million!! Damn how could they have lost money? I watched some of those TV fights and found it pretty entertaining. The TV ratings were good too.

I guess it is easy to spend millions of dollars these days.

Click on the post title above to read the NY Post article.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Inquirer Endorses Obama ....

.....was its "endorsement scorekeeper" in the bag for Obama? Below I analyze the Inquirer's endorsement of Obama. IMO, the issues selected by the Inquirer actually favor an endorsement of McCain but I guess the paper's "endorsement scorekeeper" was in the bag for Obama. I am shocked NOT.

My Analysis of Obama Endorsement by Inquirer :

o McCain was RIGHT on surge but opposes a timetable for withdrawal.
o Obama was WRONG on surge but supports a timetable for withdrawal.
o So they pick the candidate who so far has been WRONG and the Inquirer awards a Point to Obama

o Uses the very liberal Tax Policy Center as a source for its claim that Obama’s tax plan gives more money back to middle class.
o And the Inquirer also claims The Tax Policy Center is non-partisan. That is a lie; it gets 100% of its financial support from liberal groups.
o FYI Obama will increase tax rates on high income earners as much as 50-60% is some areas when you include state and local taxes.
o In my opinion, Obama’s tax plan is socialistic, is an onerous tax rate and will cause us to go into a deep recession.
o Small businesses will pull back plans to invest their hard-earned money into growing their business. Jobs in the private sector will not increase under Obama’s plan.
o In spite of this, the Inquirer awards a Point to Obama.

o McCain favors building 40 nuclear power plants which will take time. [Fact - France gets 40-50% of its electricity from nuke power]. McCain also supports immediate offshore drilling.
o The inquirer says that will only have a “minimal impact” [which I believe is a lie].
o Obama and Dems do not sincerely support offshore drilling so if Obama is elected, they will block offshore drilling. And I predict gas prices will hit $5.00 per gallon if Obama is elected.
o And the Inquirer awards a Point to Obama.

o McCain wants to give everyone a voucher to help them buy their own health insurance.
o Obama wants to pick and choose the “needy” with free health insurance plus Obama will force many businesses to contribute.
o The Inquirer wrongly claims McCain’s plan represents a new tax on workers. In truth, McCain’s plan takes away the business deduction for health insurance expenses.
o McCain’s plan is also more tax neutral than Obama’s plan.
o IMO McCain’s plan is a bold step as it “severs the age-old tie between health insurance and one’s job”. Obama’s plan is more of the same and makes the government pay more.
o In spite of this, the Inquirer awards a Point to Obama.

o McCain favors more school vouchers and charter schools. To me, that represents more freedom so parents can get their kids out of failing public schools now!
o Obama (naturally) favors plowing more and more govt money into schools including expanding early childhood education! In the last debate, Obama said "we are running out of vouchers" which may be the dumbest he has ever said!
o Of course, the Inquirer, which has never seen a govt spending plan it did not support, gives a Point to Obama.

o The world will see the “the melting pot legend of America has finally become a reality”.
o Inquirer gives a Point to Obama.

o Obama has already taken big steps to bridge America’s racial divide.
o Obama will eliminate “the tar pit of partisan sniping”.
o In actuality, Obama has no record of working with Republicans or working across the aisle. His agenda is identical to the far left, liberal Democratic party agenda.
o On the other hand, McCain has a documented record of working across the aisle with Democrats.

o Fact - Obama has never even led a Boy Scout troop.
o McCain has served as a Commander in the US Navy where he managed and led hundreds of sailors and aviators.
o In spite of the facts, the Inquirer again awards a Point to Obama.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trooper York

I tip my hat to Trooper York. This is a great rant (in bold below) he made on Althouse's blog:

I personally think some one should lead a conservative movement that is focused on the common workingman. You know that your liberal commie professors and scumbag news gasbags claim that is the Democratic Party but they have to be kidding. The small businessman who was told by Obama that he wanted to screw him out of his plumbing business to give it to those “who aren’t doing as well” knows the score. Palin could be that person is she is willing to fight.

To fight the scumbag elitist media pundits, the entrenched government workers who make every government agency the fucking DMV, the parasitical professors who couldn't teach you to pour piss out of a boot but get million dollar foundation grants and the fucking lawyers who are blight on our Republic who will sue anyone at the drop of a hat. Not to mention the corporate thieves who have there whores both Republican and Democrat to bail them out of the shithole their greed put them in.

A working class revolt of Americans from fisherman in Alaska to longshoreman in Brooklyn to coal miners to guys who own small business who are the true working class because they go to work every day to keep people employed in small business that are being taxed out of existence.

Andrew Jackson would be the perfect role model. He hated the banks and the fancy pants lying weasels that ripped off everyday Americans. It's time to get back to basics and after four years of yuppie eggheads running things; I think the time will be ripe.

I don’t know if Palin is that person but bitch slapping elitist weasels like Brooks, Maureen Doud, Peggy Noonan, Katie Couric, Christopher Buckley and Gwen Ifil would definitely be a good start.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I.D. Cards - The Time Is Right To Require When Voting

I really don't make this stuff up:

"The Galapagos Islands issues its residents mandatory identity cards that feature photos, invisible ultraviolet ink, a computer bar code and a holographic overlay." They do this TO PROTECT THEIR FING BIG TURTLES! We refuse to do the same thing even though it would help to protect ourselves and help to ensure integrity in our elections.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Phils Will Win The World Series

Watched the ALCS game last night. The Phils can beat either team. Josh Beckett used to be a dominator pitcher- he looked very ordinary last night. Scott Kascmir for the Rays is scared to throw a strike. That ain't good - it means Kaczmir lacks confidence bigtime.

So I predict the Phils will win the World Series! [as a lifelong Philly guy, I will not say what year that will happen. Heh.]

Flyers Support Racism

Lat night at the Flyers game, a fan held a sign that read "Flyers Support Racism". He was angry because Gov. Palin, a hockey Mom, was invited to drop the first puck of the season. As you may know, ice hockey is struggling to maintain and grow its fan base. The team's owners apparently were trying to honor hockey Moms all over the area. No big deal right?

The Philadelphia Inquirer sent a reporter, Mari Schaefer, to the game and she included this guy's sign in her story. Did she ask him why he felt Pain was a racist? Did she defend Palin to her readers since there is no evidence Palin is a racist? Did she mock him for having an outrageously ridiculous sign? No , No and No.

If a fan had a sign that read "Obama Signed a Baby Killer Law" , do you think this reporter, Mari Schaefer, would have reported that in her story? No way right!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Shepherd Smith

..........says something dopey again. (FYI - I do not make this stuff up).

Ok so I am trying to get the weather for tonight cause I am headed to the Phillies game.

Fox News is on and I hesitate to hear about the stock market. Shepherd Smith, Fox News Talking Head, is telling how the DOW fell by 500 points today. Then Smith tries to say it could have been much worse because he says " a good percentage of the people who would usually be trading today are not.They are atoning".

Keep in mind the above quote is not absolutely 100% precise but it fairly reflects what Smith said. Smith was trying to say I think .......thank God it is a Jewish holiday or even more people would have been selling their stocks.

How dumb are America's talking heads? Isn't it time to clean house of all of them and replace them with ordinary people from Main Street and perhaps college classrooms.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Time For A Commission To Investigate The Cause of Bailouts?

When will John McCain call for an independent (i.e no Congress critters allowed) commission to determine the causes and culprits for the financial meltdown? Cause the American people have their pitchforks ready and are pissed off!

The commission should also determine if there are other ticking financial timebombs (i.e the state govt pension funds).

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Philadelphia Inquirer Can't Make Its Loan Payments

My local paper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, runs short in paying its loan payments.

I wonder how long the old media can last? The Newark Star-Ledger (New Jersey's largest paper) is threatening to close if the employees don't concede to some givebacks and take early retirements.

I bet they could sell more papers if they did some real thorough investigative work on Senator Obama's scumbag associates. But that will never happen, the papers' idiotors would rather go down with their ship than report a story that is critical to Dems. I am still shocked the owners allow the slanted behavior to continue.

[Below is the Story reported in the 10/04/2008 edition]:

Papers' owner defers payment By Joseph N. DiStefano Inquirer Staff Writer
Philadelphia Media Holdings L.L.C., which owns The Inquirer, Daily News, and, said yesterday that it deferred an interest payment on its bank loans this week, as negotiations continued on a refinancing plan that includes $20 million in new cash from its owners.

"Unlike some companies in our industry, PMH has strong, positive cash flows, which have remained steady year over year," the company said in a statement. "We remain hopeful that we can quickly finish the terms of the new plan with our lenders."

PMH proposed the plan in August. A deal would allow PMH to complete the planned sale of its 400 N. Broad St. headquarters and reduce the senior debt load at least 15 percent, PMH said. The Inquirer reported in the spring that the building would be sold to and leased back from Patriot Equities L.P., of Wayne, but that deal has not yet closed.

PMH borrowed $295 million, plus a $50 million revolving credit, from Citizens Bank and other banks when it bought the newspapers in 2006. At the time, the papers were earning more than $50 million a year. The loan agreement requires the company to earn higher profit each year, or it will be in technical default.

PMH issued the statement after the missed payment was reported by Standard & Poor's in an investors' newsletter.
[end of story]

Friday, October 03, 2008

Letter To Charities To Whom I Give Money

Dear Charity or Worthy Cause to Whom I donate:

Barack Obama, a Democrat, will raise taxes. I estimate his plans will increase my taxes by 30% or more from their current level.

This letter is to advise you that I will therefore reduce my contributions to your organization by 30%.

When and if Barack Obama becomes the next president, perhaps you can try and ask the government to contribute to your fine organization. Because they will have the 30% I once gave to you. I wish you the best of luck in that effort.

If you have questions, please let me know.

Best regards,

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fan Makes A Wishbone

Check out the chins on the fan in the fedora. He ain't saving the guy who is dangling over the tarp, he is getting ready to snap a wishbone.

I wonder if Hillary is drinking heavily these days?

If you support McCain and are depressed at how far behind he is in the polls, just think how depressed Hillary Clinton must be. Hillary is probably drunk everyday all day when she realizes that an inexperienced empty suit like Obama beat her in the Dem primaries and he may actually win the election! Heh.