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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Shepherd Smith

..........says something dopey again. (FYI - I do not make this stuff up).

Ok so I am trying to get the weather for tonight cause I am headed to the Phillies game.

Fox News is on and I hesitate to hear about the stock market. Shepherd Smith, Fox News Talking Head, is telling how the DOW fell by 500 points today. Then Smith tries to say it could have been much worse because he says " a good percentage of the people who would usually be trading today are not.They are atoning".

Keep in mind the above quote is not absolutely 100% precise but it fairly reflects what Smith said. Smith was trying to say I think .......thank God it is a Jewish holiday or even more people would have been selling their stocks.

How dumb are America's talking heads? Isn't it time to clean house of all of them and replace them with ordinary people from Main Street and perhaps college classrooms.


Trooper York said...

Enough with this crap wheres the freaking Phillies post dude.

We are two zip and are sending St. Joe back to wherever they keep the slightly dented plaster saints.

AJ Lynch said...

Yeah I forgot my camera the other night. It was a great night btw.

One of the guys is beating serious cancer so far and barely made it to the game. We delivered newspapers together in grade school.

Another is reffing your team's game on Monday night. I asked him to look the other way just for you Troop.

It was just good to see we turned out pretty good in spite of our youth.

Beat L.A. !