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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trooper York

I tip my hat to Trooper York. This is a great rant (in bold below) he made on Althouse's blog:

I personally think some one should lead a conservative movement that is focused on the common workingman. You know that your liberal commie professors and scumbag news gasbags claim that is the Democratic Party but they have to be kidding. The small businessman who was told by Obama that he wanted to screw him out of his plumbing business to give it to those “who aren’t doing as well” knows the score. Palin could be that person is she is willing to fight.

To fight the scumbag elitist media pundits, the entrenched government workers who make every government agency the fucking DMV, the parasitical professors who couldn't teach you to pour piss out of a boot but get million dollar foundation grants and the fucking lawyers who are blight on our Republic who will sue anyone at the drop of a hat. Not to mention the corporate thieves who have there whores both Republican and Democrat to bail them out of the shithole their greed put them in.

A working class revolt of Americans from fisherman in Alaska to longshoreman in Brooklyn to coal miners to guys who own small business who are the true working class because they go to work every day to keep people employed in small business that are being taxed out of existence.

Andrew Jackson would be the perfect role model. He hated the banks and the fancy pants lying weasels that ripped off everyday Americans. It's time to get back to basics and after four years of yuppie eggheads running things; I think the time will be ripe.

I don’t know if Palin is that person but bitch slapping elitist weasels like Brooks, Maureen Doud, Peggy Noonan, Katie Couric, Christopher Buckley and Gwen Ifil would definitely be a good start.

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