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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Flyers Support Racism

Lat night at the Flyers game, a fan held a sign that read "Flyers Support Racism". He was angry because Gov. Palin, a hockey Mom, was invited to drop the first puck of the season. As you may know, ice hockey is struggling to maintain and grow its fan base. The team's owners apparently were trying to honor hockey Moms all over the area. No big deal right?

The Philadelphia Inquirer sent a reporter, Mari Schaefer, to the game and she included this guy's sign in her story. Did she ask him why he felt Pain was a racist? Did she defend Palin to her readers since there is no evidence Palin is a racist? Did she mock him for having an outrageously ridiculous sign? No , No and No.

If a fan had a sign that read "Obama Signed a Baby Killer Law" , do you think this reporter, Mari Schaefer, would have reported that in her story? No way right!

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