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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Should Govt Workers Buy American Cars.....

.....because govt workers should be very very concerned when American workers lose their jobs. When American workers lose their jobs, they can't pay all the federal, state and local taxes that are used to pay the salaries and benefits and pensions of govt workers.

Union members used to stick together like thieves. I mean that in a good way. At one time, union construction workers, teachers, casino employees, steelworkers and even college professors were reluctant to buy foreign cars. They knew buying "American" supported a fellow union and its members.

I suspect this form of union fellowship has gone by the wayside. If you looked in the driveway of Andy Stern, SEIU President, I'd bet you'd see nothing but foreign cars. If you counted the cars in an Atlantic City casino employee parking lot, you'd probably see 2 foreign cars for every Amercian car.

To go back to the point of my blog post. I bet if you surveyed the cars owned by the White House staff, you'd get the same result : 2 to 1 in favor of foreign cars and most of those dweebs at the White House are anti-car as well [but I digress as that is food for thought for another blog post].

Think about this for a moment- do today's govt workers and their bosses and today's union leaders have the balls to quietly encourage their members to buy American?

FYI next time, I drive by a public school, I will stop and count the number of American cars versus foreign cars owned by the school employees. And I will report back to you. Howsat sound to you?

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