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Monday, December 31, 2007

Too Tired To Write A Good Year-ending Post About The Incompetent San Francisco Zoo

This is my 176th post of the year - that was my goal because I noticed I did 176 posts in both 2005 and 2006 so I made that my goal for 2007 too. Make sense to you? Well I made it and was hoping to write a post criticizing the San Francisco Zoo and its regulatory body (The Associatio of Zoos And Aquariums which apprently inspected the SF Zoo in the last three years BUT NEVER FOUND FAULT WITH THE TIGER WALL WHICH IS 4 to 5 FEET LOWER THAN THE RECOMMENDED NATIONAL STANDARD) but I am too tired to research and document the failings and contradictions and I will do it next year heh.

Click on this post's title if you want to read a news account of the zoo issue. Bottom line is the zoo must be incompetent if it allows visitors to enter a park with deadly animals in unsecure cages. I await the NY Times story exposing all the other zoos that are also unsafe for the visitors.

Happy New Year to all. Have fun and be safe!

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