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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lofa Tatupu - Is He Invisible To Eagles QB?

Philadelphia Eagles QB threw 3 interceptions today to Seattle Seahawks linebacker, Lofa Tatupu. The last interception was on the 5-yard line when the Eagles were about to win the game with only a minute left.

Right after that, the announcer, Moose Johnston exclaimed that Tatupu must be "invisible" to Feeley because the 3 interceptions were so frigging bad. Feeley had to see Tatupu on each throw hence the invisible comment.

Full disclosure- I am and Eagles fan but Coach Reid and Mcnabb must go- they are joined at the hip and are dragging the team down. The city and the fans need a fresh start. Send them both packing. Reid is the worst clock manager in the league (did you see the end of the 1st half?) and McNabb is over the hill.

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