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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pennsylvania State Police Getting Whiter (or more like the Inquirer)

The story is about the racial composition of the State Police force - jeez do they have the same illness as Michael Jackson? No seriously - "State Police Getting Whiter" was the actual headline to the article in the paper's print edition.

I bet they could write this same story about the Philadelphia Inquirer editorial staff. In fact, how about I count the mumber of white columnists in the same paper?

They make it easy for me because on the Front Page, the paper is heralding it has "12 Must-Read Columnists" to read in this edition.

Here are their names : Dave Boyer, Monica Yant Kinney, Jonathan Last, Craig Laban, Jonathan Storm, Mark Bowden, a twofer of Satullo/Auth, Carlin Romano, Lisa Scottoline, Michael Smerconish, Bob Ford and Dick Polman.

I am not familiar with the first, Dave Boyer, but I know for a fact the other 11 are all white!! Could the Inquirer get whiter? Doesn't seem to be possible.

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