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Monday, September 21, 2009

Ron Kuby.... an attorney and is representing the recently arrested Colorado terrorists? I am watching CNN and Kuby, a pony-tailed far left liberal douchebag attorney, is expaining what has transpired so far on this case. I have one question: I am sure Kuby charges his clients an arm and a leg so who the heck is paying Kuby to defend this alleged cabdriver terrorist??


Trooper York said...

He doesn't charge anything. He is the protege of all time hall of fame douche bag William Kunstler who should have spelled his name with a "C"

This douche had a long stint as the liberal half of a morning show with Curtis Silwa the conservative Guardian Angel douchebag. They got fired when Imus moved to mornings on WABC.

Kuby makes his money on defending mob guys believe it or not.

A totally amoral douchebag. But consistent.

Trooper York said...

Hey the word verification on the above comment was:


Is that when a broad gives you a rim job on your balls. Just askin'

Trooper York said...

Speaking of rim jobs,


What a bunch of Romosexuals. Hee.