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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Philadelphia Eagles .......

.....screw up again. Contrary to the Vegas oddsmakers, most Philly fans were predicting a bad season for the Eagles. Now, after a surprisingly easy win over the Panthers, most fans have probably jumped back onto the bandwagon.

This is no shock but it looks like the coach, Andy Reid, has deluded himself too. Yesterday, Reid cut his Pro Bowl guard, Shawn Andrews. To be fair to Reid, Andrews may or may not have a back injury and Andrews definitely dances to a tune only he can hear.

I will stick to my instincts and predict the Eagles will not make the playoffs! I look forward to the day Andy Reid gets his arrogant self out of town and takes McNabb with him.

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Trooper York said...

Hey he dissed Kendra by cutting her man. Now all the Playboy centerfolds won't be showing up for the team parties. What a moron. I bet there was someone else he could have cut to put Vick on the roster.

Like McNabb. Hee.

Oh and word verification is

That's what Mr Wu called Mark Anthony. "A Reakerin.