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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

That ACORN thing truly works....

.......they say you plant a few acorns and almost before you know it, they are sprouting all over. Based on the news over the last few days, I'd say that is 100% true!

Let me be serious for a moment. Why are govt agencies funding, in any way, alleged non-profit groups which have political motives? IMO, the govt should not fund any non-profit groups. Instead, we should cut out this type of govt spending.That would enable govt to actually reduce tax rates.

If a non-profit group provides a useful community service, it should have to solicit donations to fund its operations. And individuals would nowhave more money in their pockets due to the reduced tax rates! Theoretically at least, individuals would then be more willing and able to make charitable donations to worthy non-profits. Make sense to you? I thought so.

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