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Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear Senator McCain....Wake The Fuck Up!....

Dear Senator:

Until last year, I had never ever donated more than $100. Yet I reached deep and sent you more than $1,200 in your bid to be president.

In case you have not noticed, President Obama is intent on destroying the American economy which was already on shaky ground when he took office. His motives are unclear but his lack of knowledge in rudimentary economic principles is glaring and alarming. In college, I took more than 30 credit hours in economics. Twenty years ago, I worked my butt off to prepare for the CPA exam which I passed. So, I am capable of spotting a poseur who knows very little and has no interest in mastering the basics of economics.

The president seems to harbor a resentment towards capitalism and I find it hard to believe Obama is listening to advice from his econ team. At this critical juncture, why would he desire to disrupt such a large part of our economy? He promises to find cost savings but he has never been the type of politician who reduces govt spending.

To date, his actions and attitudes have severely damaged the confidence of most thinking Americans.

The bottom line is I am disappointed in you. You heard President Obama lie about illegal immigrants [there is no eligibility enforcement tool in the Dem bills] yet you are so quick to jump on the wagon to bash Joe Wilson.

You know the country's finances have been damaged by deficit spending in the last 30 years. It is fair to say long-serving reps like you and Joe Biden and many others stood by and allowed this to happen. You must wake up and speak up before it is too late. We need representatives who will fight for limited govt and right the financial ship.This is not about you or me. It's about saving the American dream and its unique plethora of opportunities for future generations.

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