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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Liberals Are Such Prevaricators.......

...........I saw Ned Lamont last night on Hannity. Lamont had the nerve to describe himself as a "small businessman"!! Ok perhaps Lamont has started a new business and it could still be small. .........But But But.....Lamont is a fat cat and probably worth about $50 or $100 Million!!! He made his fortune providing cable TV to college students and sold that cable company for mucho dinero!! I think his wife is one of those private equity folks who the Democrats love to demonize but look the other way when the same "demons" send them a nice, generous campaign contribution.

Why do liberals like Lamont feel the need to hem and haw and be so careless with the truth?

1 comment:

Trooper York said...

" big dummy!"
(Fred Sanford)