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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football....

.......and some baseball and some brawls and lotsa of police overtime? Haha- the city is crying poor mouth as usual about the cost of a potential Phillies parade [last year I think the Phillies paid $1 Million to the city to stop them from whining like little liberal Democrats].

Well anyhow to get back to the point of this post...... On Sunday night Nov. 1st, the Phils are scheduled to play Game Four at home of the World Series and it could be against the Yankees. On the same day, the Eagles will play at home vs. The New York Petunias aka Giants. What does that mean you ask? .......It guarantees there will be an abundance of drunken Eagles fans boozing it up in the area right across the street from the Phillies ball park! And the city will go even more broke trying to pay all the overtime to its police dept to keep the riots and fights to only a few dead and dismembered. God, I love karma! And this will get ugly!


Trooper York said...

Wait a minute!

Eagles fans have always been really really ugly!!!!

Banging Steve Phillips quality ugly!!!

Just sayn'

Trooper York said...

You know we have a lot of Eagle type fans here in New York. Drunken brawling perverted fools choking on their own vomit.

We call them Jets fans.

AJ Lynch said...

HEY your fav Yankee, Texiera, is now hitting about .120 in the post season.

Trooper York said...

He's not my fave. That's Melky.

I tell you one thing, I hate AJ Burnett. I wish Billy Martin was still alive, he would go to the mound and punch him right in the face.