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Monday, October 05, 2009

Republicans need to.........

....put together two plans.

One will lay out a ten year budget for the nation. It will make recommendations on how to fix the soc sec, medicare deficits. For example, it should let younger people keep more of their money in private buckets aka lockboxes where no Congress critter can get his hands on it. It will eliminate [for the most part] big redundant wasteful departments like Education, Energy, HUD, etc. It will include a dedicated fed tax of $0.25 or so per gallon to fund infrastucture repairs and updating. It will itemize the areas of govt involvement it sees as appropriate and the areas where govt should butt out!

The other plan will address a real Stimulus Plan that restores the confidence of Americans. It would include a suspension of the employee's portion of the FICA tax for two years until the whole Soc Sec plan is revised and made solvent. It would be designed to encourage people to invest and save money, fix up their homes, start and expand businesses, return to school to update theire skillsets, etc.

Since Obama and his pals are clueless, the country needs Republicans to do this in writing asap!

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