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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Best Scouts in Baseball.....

.......are the ones for the Phillies organization. Charlie Manuel pushed so many of the right buttons, it seemed like he was possessed or maybe sold his soul. Don't get me wrong, the Phils have many many great players but my hat is off too to the many Phillie's scouts who provided fantastic scouting reports on the Rockies and the Dodgers. Now, bring on the American League!


Asante Samuel said...

I think that person over at TY has had a Tebow-style head injury recently. Have you seen his comparison between teams? Seriously.

And wait till he sees what we do to the Jints

Asante Samuel said...

You know which person I mean, the one what looks like Steve Phillips' dad in a hawaiian shirt.

AJ Lynch said...

"Steve Phillips Dad" LOL. You mean grandfather. Heh.

Trooper York said...

Sure hang around here and diss your pal the Trooper.

We are coming for your Puny Phillies. This time you have to play the varisity, not the lowly Mets.

We have the pitching, A-Rod is finally sizzling hot in the playoffs and we have the home field.

You have a fat guy in a muppet suit in dune buggy.

Get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!