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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Phils vs. Yanks

Here is how they match up:

Phils have the edge:
  • 1B Howard over Txeriera
  • 2b Utley over whoever plays 2nd for the Yanks
  • LF Ibanez over Damon
  • CF Victorino over Swisher
  • RF Werth over Matsui (is he in his fifties?)
Yanks have the edge:
  • 3B Arod over Feliz
  • SS Rollins vs. Jeter
  • CA Ruiz vs. Posada
  • The Yankees have the edge in pitching but not enough to be significant so the Phils repeat as World Series Champions!

1 comment:

Trooper York said...

Get ready buddy. We are coming for you!!!!!!