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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Constitution Center....

......only in Philadelphia can a white candidate get accused of racial insensivity by three black pols at a public museun called The Constitution Center. Makes me so proud to be from here! Here is part of the story from the Philly Inquirer:

"Three prominent African American supporters of Seth Williams, the Democratic candidate for Philadelphia District Attorney, today accused his Republican opponent, Michael Untermeyer, of "lacking the racial sensitivity" required of a top prosecutor "in an ethnically diverse city."

Untermeyer, who is white, immediately branded the charge "ludicrous" and "a smokescreen" meant to obscure examination of the campaign's substantive issues. "This election isn't about race ... What's important is that we have the third highest homicide rate of any big city" in the nation, and a bail system that is broken, he said."

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