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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Party Invitation... my house on Thursday to watch the Phils win World Series Game 7! All are welcome. And here is a bonus link to a Philly Inquirer story about a fight between a Phils and Yankees fan. In typical Philadelphia fashion, both guys got arrested for drunk driving, unpaid traffic tickets and some drugs and paraphenalia. Haha! What a great city we have! Here is the link to the story:


Trooper York said...

Hey did they take them to the jail they have in the Staduim?

AJ Lynch said...

Nah that was in the old Vet Stadium. That judge, McCafferty, was a publicity hound. It got him to the state Supreme Court.

I used to call him Shameless McCafferty. His real name was Seamus McCafferty. Funny thing was his father, Joe, was an Irish immigrant bartender way back in my neighborhood and he would always serve all the teenagers in the bar where he worked. It was first bar we drank in when we were 16! Then 30 years later his kid, the judge, is locking up drunken Eagles fans at the games. Too ironic huh?