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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

In Game Six.......

...the Phils will win 12-5. I see Game Seven as Phils victory of 10-3. That will total 30 runs for the Fightin Phils in the last three games of the Series! [I do not make this stuff up- it will happen].

Furthermore, it may be decades before the Yankers win a World Series title in their new stadium. No one, not even Trooper York, will have a large enough reservoir of tears to shed during these long, dry years of Yanker failure. As a result, the Yanker fans will give up baseball and become Arena Football and Soccer fans. Heh.

Go Phils!


Trooper York said...

Man I have to get a little of what you are smoking!

AJ Lynch said...

Come on, Trooper, you'd fit right in with those soccer hooligans.

BTW I won't be posting anymore today. I have to go to a refresher course on "Drunken Philly Sports Rioter". The training will come in handy when I go out to commit mayhem and looting during the Phils celebration. That is how I got my big screen TV last year! heh.

Trooper York said...