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Sunday, August 09, 2009

I wonder.................

............if we un-elected every Congress critter who has been there ten years or more and we un-elected every Congress critter who was newer but was part of a political dynasty such as Casey, Carnahan, Tsongas, Sarbanes, Murkowski, Landrieu, any Kennedy relative, Biden (his son soon to be anointed U.S. Senator), HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD WE BE THROWING OUT OF CONGRESS OUT OF THE TOTAL OF 535? I bet it would be more than 50%! Maybe it's time we did that, huh?

I will try and figure that out. [this post was spurred after I watched a video of Rep. Tsongas. I assume she is the daughter of Paul, the one-time U.S. Senator. I did not know he had a relative in Congress and she sounds like an nepotism appointment aka dopey]

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