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Monday, August 24, 2009

Is Obama Learning On The Job... when the boss's smart but inexperienced son-in-law gets a promotion he did not deserve?

Many of us have seen this before. A young, connected employee is elevated to a position for which he is not really qualified. Most observers will patiently watch while the greenhorn makes mistakes. Sometimes he learns from his mistakes and due to his innate talent and intellect, he can grow into the job.

Is Obama learning on-the-job? Will he learn from mistakes he has made like letting far-left liberal Congress critters write a lousy, ineffective Stimulus plan?

The answer is it remains to be seen. But I would bet Obama is too arrogant to learn new tricks and lacks the common sense and humility to tuly change so he will continue to flounder. He will go down in history as an ineffective president and poor leader.

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