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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Philly Newspapers's Domain Name.... much is that domain name worth alone? The Phila Inquirer and Daily News are on the auction block. The Inquirer sells about 300,000-350,000 copies a day while the Daily News sells about 150,000.

But they also own and operate

If you started a business from scratch and also owned this domain name in an MSA with 7-8 million people and two newspapers that drive annual revenue of $120-$150 Million or so, what is that worth? In my business (M&A world), you have to peg or assume a profit rate. Let's use 15% for the sake of argument. That is profit of maybe $20 Million.

Ergo this is a potentially sweet business. I could make this combination work and I don't know squat about the newspaper business except it tends to be run by folks who have problems with capitalism and profit [for examples see Chis Scatullo and Zack Stalberg]. They generally have a million excuses for why they don't have any [profit].

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ChocolateGodzilla said...

Forget I get all the news I need about Philly from you and The700level.