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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Global Warming ...... a scam just like I have always thought. I wonder how many other scams or frauds I can think of right now:
  1. Indian Casinos.
  2. Non-profit foundations and groups that are actually just special interest lobbies like Planned Parenthood or The Heritage Foundation.
  3. Minority set-asides for government contracts.
  4. People who claim they shoot under 80 in golf except pros of course.
  5. Fat people who say they are just big-boned.
  6. Those ads you see where a charity asks you to donate your old car to them [fyi - the salvage company pockets about 80-90% of the car's fair market value].
  7. Any of those miracle "AB machines".
  8. Green jobs or green energy.....sure they work if Uncle Sam subsidizes them with big bucks and forever.
  9. Colleges that let your kid take a major in something that is absolutely 100% worthless as to paying job & career [ Colleges should be required to provide parents with a written estimate of the future earnings for every major].
  10. The NFL. On any given Sunday, you could not pay me enough to watch 75% of its teams play. Why? Because 75% of the NFL teams suck!

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