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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hoosier Daddy Explains Health Care Debate

I copied the paragraphs below from a comment by Hoosier Daddy on the Althouse blog. He nails the crux of the problem is how some folks view health insurance. Read it because it is close to brilliant and a clear, crisp analysis!

"The problem with health insurance is that it isn’t treated as insurance like life or property and casualty insurance. You don’t file a claim with your car insurance for your oil changes, tire rotations or tune ups. You don’t file (or should not) file a claim for basic home maintenance like replacing the furnace, air condition, water heater, re-roofing. With health insurance people expect to pay a $10 or $20 co-pay every time they walk into the physician’s office and that’s it. If auto or homeowner's insurance worked in the same manner as health insurance, they would be unaffordable.

If Medicare or private health insurance scaled back to simply providing catastrophic care and left the basic ‘maintenance’ up to the consumer, you’d see insurance costs plummet and probably physician costs come down as well. But they won't because most people refuse to pay for care that they 'expect' a third party to cover."

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Deb said...

Neal Boortz has said something simliar in the past. Health insurance should only cover catastrophic illness, not preventive or routine care.