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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Trump Vs. O'Donnell - The Poll Results Are In

Trump vs. O'Donnell- USA Today did a poll. I was surprised Trump trumped Rosie.

Unfavorable Opinion:
  • 63% for Rosie! [Stop The Presses -Is This Lower Than Bush?]
  • 48% for Trump.

Favorable Opinion:

  • 28% for Rosie [ Jeez how the hell did she get hired for a national TV gig?]
  • 41% for Trump

I have never been a Trump fan and way back when I heard some very good things about Rosie from some fans who went to see her old TV show. But the poll results surprise me. Rosie's unfavorable of 63% is even worse than the public's stance on gay marriage (about 55-60% are against it). Wonder if that has anything to do with Rosie's blowhard image? Here is the link to the USA Today if you want to read it.

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