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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Andy Reid - The Good & The Bad

Reid is well qualified to draft offensive players except perhaps receivers (Freddy Mitchell, UCLA, #1 pick was a flop) and Reid is great at putting together an offensive line.

Reid sucks at putting together D-line and linebackers. Further, under Reid, the team seems to have reached the conclusions that linebackers are not key players in the NFL. I don't think any expert would choose any of the Eagles D-line or linebackers if they were starting a team from scratch. IMHO, none are keepers- get rid of them and get hungry, tough, bigger replacements.

On the whole, Reid has done a mediocre job in 7-8 years. He lucked out with the McNabb selection because the Eagles would have been very lousy without McNabb and no one really knew which QB in that draft would be successful (there were 5-6 choices). So yes I say Reid and the team stepped in shit when they picked McNabb and I don't think McNabb will ever win a Super Bowl (and yes the Eagles now have a QB controversy on their hands- Garcia has played great.) Try as I suspect he did, Reid could not ignore Brian Westbrook in the draft cause Reid lives within a mile of Villanova University and Reid's two boys probably told him how great Westbrook would be on the Eagles.

So, go or stay, the Eagles face a bit of serious re-building on the defense. And may need a QB in 2-3 years too. And have a mediocre coach and GM. That adds up to some more years of no championships for the Eagles.

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