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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Immaculate Exception

Editors note: I originally called this the "miraculous" exception when all the while I meant "immaculate" exception to reflect
  1. the new minimum wage law being enacted and
  2. including the exception of American Samoa
  3. but no parents (legislators) stepped forward to take responsibility for inserting the exception.

That is what I am calling the clause in the new minimum wage law that excludes American Samoa. Congress has pledged to be more transparent so we should be able to find out who inserted this "immaculate exception" into the minimum wage law. Some blogs are accusing Speaker Pelosi of protecting a large employer in her district (Star Kist Tuna). We'll see.

1 comment:

Silicon Gadfly said...

I discuss this misperception over at The Silicon Gadfly. The bottom line: there's no special clause in the new law, and thus no mysterious insertion for you to sniff out. Whatever villain you seek acted in 1956, and could thus reasonably be considered "old news".