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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mike Ditka - Gotta Love Him

"I don't wanna hear all this jumbo mumbo......."we're a bad country we got this wrong that wrong." I love this country! Period. The good overweighs the bad by far. And if people don't understand that then get the heck out! "

-- Former Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints Head Coach Mike Ditka.
  • h/t to Laura Ingraham's website & radio show!

1 comment:

Brian the sailor said...

I'm here.
Hell yeah, Mr. Ditka!
I saw a link to Mike Ditka...I think at hotair. Didn't click on it. I think I had to get to work or some such nonsense.
Now, I'll go back and listen. After I get through checking out your earlier posts.