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Friday, January 19, 2007

People Are Leaving Pennsylvania Faster Than All But Five Other States

Pennsylvanians love Governor Fat Eddie and he loved them back by giving everyone healthcare (the middle class will of course pay for it).

Unfortunately (for the governor) news reports indicate there will be fewer state residents to tax to pay for his "new investments" (that's the terminology Democratic governors use because it sounds better than "TAX INCREASE").

Yahoo News (or some such) announced Pennsylvania was ranked 6th highest in net outflow when they compared moving vans departing a state vs. moving vans coming to a state. In Pennsylvania, for every 43 arriving moving vans there were 57 moving vans leaving the state.

Here is the quote from the US News & World Report: " On the outbound trail:

  • Michigan tied with North Dakota for the top 66 percent outbound rate,
  • followed by New Jersey, 60.9 percent;
  • New York, 59.5 percent;
  • Indiana, 58.2 percent;
  • Pennsylvania, 57.0 percent;
  • Louisiana, 56.4 percent and
  • Ohio, 55.8 percent. "

So let me get this straight- Pennsylvania could not even beat out Louisiana where I assume many, many people left due to the aftereffects of Hurricane Katrina.

And I am tired of giving you the links to the stories so find it yourself.

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