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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

GWOT vs. Global Warming

Which should be our highest priority? The Global War On Terror or Global Warming? I believe your answer will accurately predict whether you are more of a "wingnut" or more of a "whackjob far-left, loser, dweeb whiner". I place myself in the former category.

But consider .....
  • How will future generations judge us when they read today's stories about the Senate holding headline-grabbing, alarmist hearings about possible global warming right before one of our great cities is devastated by a suitcase nuke?
  • How will they view the MSM who yesterday parroted (without question) a press release by far-left groups like Concerned Scientists?
  • And keep in mind, the MSM failed to report the Concerned Scentist's press release cried wolf because they "surveyed" govt scientists yet their "survey" got a response rate of less than 20% and fewer than 10% of the "surveyed" scientists complained of White House interference.

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