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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Castor & Hartel Alumnus Loses Jackpot at New Casino

C&H alumnus gets screwed at new Philly casino.

"Hippie" or Wilbo" - those were his nicknames back on the corner 35 years ago. I have not seen him in more than 20 years but he was on the local news last night.

Because the other day, he was playing the slots and the machine said he just won $102,000 but they did not pay him!! The casino claimed the machine malfuntioned. Way back when, they would have needed several big bouncers to get Wilbo out of the casino after telling him that.

Btw, Tad Decker, the head of the Pennsylvania is also a C&H alumni. Wonder if Wilbo knows that? Below is the link and I bet Wilbo gets his money.

Update- the Inquirer reported today 1/28/07 that the casino has paid my old buddy, Wilbo, the full jackpot amount of $102,000.

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