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Friday, August 05, 2005

Time to Boycott Phillies Games??

The idea just came to me. Is it time to stay away from Phils games until they do something to improve the everyday roster?

I love baseball but the General Manager just doesn't get it. My pet peeve involves two of the team regulars, David Bell and Mike Lieberthal- they can't cut it anymore and are without a doubt the least productive at their respective positions in the entire league.

The team and the fans would be better off if these two were sent home ( I know the Phils owe them millions for a few more years but I don't care!) Get them out of here and find two young players, playthem everyday and let them get some major league experience!

I found a schedule for the Reading Phillies and I may get my fix there. Maybe a boycott by alot of fans will drive the message home.

1 comment:

TC said...

Go single A. Hungry kids always delier better ball games.

"And who is this "AJ" charcter?