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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Let's Shoot for a Real Clean Sweep

I heard a new organization was formed as a reaction to the pay raise grab by Pennsylvania state legislator. It's called PA Clean Sweep and it intends to try to field a primary candidate against every incumbent legislator.

That is a great idea but suggest it be taken one step further because the legislator are a big problem but the root of the problem are the two corrupt political parties which breed these filthy scoundrels. So, why not try to disembowel the two parties by fielding candidates from a new party called "The Clean Sweep" party. If a majority were elected, the Dems and Reps would lose statewde power and the new legislators could start to clean up the state government cesspool.

The beauty of a new party is it adresses the oft-heard complaint that there is no differnce in the parties . The Clean Sweep party now needs a platform and that is clear-cut..... spend our tax money wisely and primarily to pay the cost of police, highways, schools, aged, the sick and the young sufficiently. And the hell with the rest .... ie. get rid of the turnpike commission, the gambling board, and all the other quasi-goverment boards unless absolutely necessary.

And enact general referendums so taxpayers can approve or disapprove proposed spending programs over a certain amount (I propose $10 Million); the referendum must be during the general elections (not in a primary). Lastly, the Clean Sweep Party will not get involved in national party politics nor elections so it will not issue collective opinions regarding abortion, wars, SCOTUS judges, etc.

That is simple enough. Perhaps best of all, I volunteer to help formally write the constitution and organize a Clean Sweep Party organizing convention.

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