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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Air America Flights (of fancy)

This is a new category. I will occasionally listen to the Randi Rhodes radio show on Air America and report without comment what she is talking about. I will try to quote her accurately and refrain from editorial comments.

Today Rhodes :
  • Claimed there are true and irrefutable stories of rape rooms being operated by American military contractors in Iraq.
  • Discussed one alleged incident in Afghanistan where about 180 or so of 200 Afghani (Taliban??) prisoners died after being trucked miles and miles across the desert by the US military.
  • Said America is no longer the greatest country in the world. But said it once was the greatest.
  • Said Bush is either an unelected or illegimate president.
  • Said Cindy Sheehan is a great American while
  • Rhodes failed to mention newstories that appear to contradict Sheehan's earlier positive response to her meeting with Prez Bush in 2004.

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