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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Every State Should Chip In $5 For Each Of Its Own Residents

I suggest every state (except MS, AL, LA and FL of course) make a donation for the survivors and victims equal to $5 for every resident in their own state.

For, example, Pennsylvania would send about $60 Million or $5 for each of the approximately 12 million residents in Pennsylvania. Since the state of Pennsylvania has an annual budget of about $4 Billion, giving away another $60 Million is less than a 1.5% increase. Hell, Governor Rendell spends that much each year on cheesestakes.

If every non-affected state did their share, the aggregate total would be more than $1.2 Billion dollars! That's a good start, heh?

So call your governor and tell him you approve the state donation!


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