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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Blame It Oil On Global Warming (and the USA of course)

I think I just penned a song title for the tree-hugging crowd......"Blame it Oil on Global Warming and the USA".

Ross Gelbspan, former journalist and professional Chicken Little has carved out a nice little career for himself over the last 10-15 years warning about the evils of Global Warming.

Yesterday, Gelbspan had a column in the Boston Globe where he blames Hurrican Katrina and almost every other natural dissater else on the USA and its reluctance to approve the Kyoto treaty, etc.

In my opinion, people like Gelbspan are dangerous- he is not a scientist- he is a journalist but he gets an audience for his alleged substantive arguments as wide as if he were an Einstein. In fact, you or I are just as qualified to form an opinion. I am not yet convinced there is a global warming crisis.

Btw, I wonder how many square feet Gelbspan's home is? It's pretty common for these lib enviro whackos to decry SUV's but live in humongous houses. I will try to find out how big Gelbspan's house is- he lives in Brookline, MA.

For your reading pleasure, I have provided the link below so you can see what a nutcase he is and how much he disdains America.

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